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Dave Coppedge trial: Today’s Darwinism suits a world run by bureaucrats

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In “Getting to ‘You’re Fired: The Final Days of an Intelligent Design Advocate at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab” (Evolution News & Views, March 27, 2012), David Klinghoffer notes,

After the ID hit the fan, Chin shouted at Coppedge and warned him to desist (“Stop pushing your religion!”). He emailed colleagues that “I informed [Coppedge] that Intelligent Design (ID) is a personal belief that should be kept to himself unless invited by other to discuss.” Chin followed this up by contributing a long nasty comment to Coppedge’s April 2009 ECAP (Employee Contribution Assessment and Planning), a yearly report card on job performance.

There’s no indication that Coppedge disregarded the veiled threat. He kept his mouth shut about ID after that. But he didn’t receive the demotion with passive acceptance. And that is what really spelled his doom, so cruelly delivered on a man approaching retirement, at JPL.

You can tell all this from a pattern of circumstantial evidence. JPL’s management was, of course, canny in how they went about it. They met with attorneys in March-April 2010, and depositions and emails show that Coppedge’s lawsuit was under discussion along with the question of how to handle this now “at risk” employee in a cunning, lawyerly fashion.

He kept his mouth shut about ID? But that makes no difference once they knew he wasn’t just a stooge.

America was founded on people convinced faith was important and important to civilization. America was also founded on freedom of speech in order to ensure truth could hold or prevail in human relationships. All these things Mr Chin,I presume Chinese, inherits to his obvious gain because he or his people immigrated to America. Otherwise the greatness here or anything here would not be here and Mr Chin would of only inherited China . Think about it Mr Chin. Robert Byers
Lucky none of the greatest scientists of our epoch and before worked for JPL. Imagine if Einstein had let slip that he believed our universe wasn't a random assortment of bits and pieces that just came together - and stay together... why, his school-teacher's reproach about his never amounting to anything, might have come true, there and then. Pity he and the other greatest scientists of the last century can't testify on Mr Coppedge's behalf. Axel

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