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At Wheaton (Christian U), an interesting contest is shaping up: ID vs. Christian Darwinism

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Here , March 28-29, 2012.

ID guys Mike Behe, Fuz Rana, Jack Collins, Rick Sternberg, and Paul Nelson

vs. Christian Darwinists, Darrel Falk, Kathryn Applegate, Jeff Schloss

Philosopher of science Alvin Plantinga is cast as the voice of reason, justly we hope.

Wheaton is here, in Illinois, near Chicago.

People who will tape the event are welcome.

Does anybody know if the conference will be available on youtube or someplace? Bilbo I
I'm glad there is at least one YECer on the panel even if the YEC view per se won't get an airing. I guess at higher up Christian universities, the literal view of Genesis is considered too immature or backward to be given serious attention. But I wonder what Jesus would think of that kind of an attitude. tjguy
Agreed, Bilbo. It looks like a fascinating line-up. Congratulations to Wheaton for delivering this cast. I've got eyes in attendance and have met or spoken with several of the speakers already. Plantinga would be well worth the price of attendance. Anyone have an explanation for why Stephen C. Meyer couldn't co-present with former DI Fellow, current anti-ID scholar Jeffrey Schloss? Gregory
I wish I had known about the event ahead of time. It would have been worth the drive to listen to the debate. And perhaps a chance to meet one or two of the speakers. Bilbo I
In the eyes of some, it could only possibly be a moron (of little faith) who would be against 'intelligent + design'. I'd take for DI-Fellow Schloss against current ID-Fellows Nelson (YEC) and Sternberg in a pinch. If only I were not a 'dolt'! ; ) Let us await the taped event to judge matters for ourselves. Gregory
So we will have Intelligent Design vs an oxymoron? Joe
The voice of reason is on the ID side. The voice of fantastic storytelling and wishful speculation is on the Darwinist ("Christian" or otherwise) side. There is no contest concerning who is more interested in real science, which should be the pursuit of how things actually are. A simple evaluation of the evidence, based on the discoveries of modern science in the 20th century, should lead any rational person to the conclusion that the universe and the laws of physics were fine-tuned in advance for the eventual purpose of producing life and intelligent agents who might ponder the design which is so evident to all who might recognize and contemplate it. In addition, the discovery that living systems represent unimaginably sophisticated information-processing technology should at least give pause to those who suggest that such technology could have arisen by the Darwinian mechanisms of chance errors filtered by natural selection. Materialistic philosophy has been eviscerated, in my opinion, by modern science -- the very foundation upon which that philosophy anchored itself. "Christian Darwinists" are superbly enigmatic creatures, but I understand. To deny Darwin, or even to suggest that He might have be wrong, is to blaspheme The Great Prophet of Materialism. This is a sin for which there is no redemption. GilDodgen
A great line-up for the "ID guys", but Fuz Rana may object. Historically, RTB has distanced itself from the Discovery Institute like the plague. Other than that, I would still call him an "ID guy" since he contributes to and publicizes design arguments in biology...and does so quite effectively. Bantay

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