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More on withdrawn article


Three points regarding my withdrawn article, that I don’t believe have been made elsewhere:

1. Although it is fair to call it “ID friendly”, it does not actually mention ID or Darwinism, and does not even conclude that the second law has definitely been violated here, it just makes the rather obvious point that if you want to believe it has not, you have to be honest and admit that what you really believe is that what has happened here is not really extremely improbable (in the sense of footnote 4); you cannot hide behind the truly absurd “compensation” argument of Asimov, et.al.

2. Elsevier should be given credit for doing the right thing, given the mess created by the journal.

3. The letter to the editor which “appears” to have triggered the withdrawal cites a “concise refutation” of my paper as an American Journal of Physics article by Daniel Styer.   This article, which does not even mention me or any of my writings, is discussed beginning at the fourth minute of this video. You really have to see what it says, to believe it.

(The news story is here. – UD News)

This is ludicrous. It is as bas as when PLOS ONE decided to retract a paper just because it mentioned "the Creator". Seriously? I am not religious in the least, but this kind of reaction just shows how insecure biologists are. Rasmus Persson
Out of curiosity, from where did you get your definition of "thermodynamic entropy"? It is now quite the one the definition that I learned. ocbouvieri
its satisfying to see justice here for you. Congrats. Indeed as you say it hardly has anything to do with creationism and still they were open to censor. its as if it was just by association. they may of realized it was untenable and that it was prompted by a single complaint would just of given creationists fodder for the fire. I still see such a passionate hostility to any ideas that defend or bump up against anything in 'science' that may deny a creator or genesis and so Christian civilization that to use the old Abe lincoln line. tHey gave a little to avoid giving up a lot. Robert Byers

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