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Retraction Watch has noted the math journal’s retraction of its treatment of Granville Sewell



Here’s the paper. PowerPoint here.

Here’s the news story.

Here’s Sewell’s comments.

Uncommon Descent adds its commendation to the editors of Applied Mathematical Letters for doing the right thing:

From Retraction Watch:

According to John West at the Discovery Institute’s blog, which broke the story: 

Dr. Rodin and his journal now have to issue a public statement providing “their sincere and heartfelt apologies to Dr. Sewell… and welcom[ing] Dr. Sewell’s submission of future articles for possible publication.” More important than the apology, the journal has to set the record straight by reiterating that “Dr. Sewell’s article was peer-reviewed and accepted for publication” and by making clear that his article was not withdrawn because of “any errors or technical problems found by the reviewers or editors.”

The move is unusual enough, but what makes it even more remarkable is that it followed some legal saber-rattling by the study’s author, Granville Sewell. Sewell was represented by attorney Pete Lopiscopo, of California.

Why remarkable? They ought to have gone on and just published the paper, but anyone can read and discuss it now anyway.

Hat tip: Pos-Darwinista.


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