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Attention UD Authors regarding UD software and the News Desk


I’ve discovered some features of UD software that I wasn’t aware of and may be of help to all the 30 or so UD authors.

It has been a pleasure to assist the News desk for the past week while Denyse worked on another project. I now appreciate how time consuming the task is.

In the process of assisting the News desk, I discovered that if a UD author clicks “News” in the category list, then that article will automatically scroll beneath the featured articles when a new article is posted.

I want to apologize to VJTorley and other authors since I did not fully realize how the “News” category automatically scrolls past featured articles like VJTorley’s Scala Naturae article. His article was unfortunately pushed down quickly by some of my articles that had less content than his very detailed article. I probably did the same to other authors. Had I put my articles under the “News” category, this wouldn’t have happened and articles that invite longer discussion in the comment section would have been given more air time. Apologies to VJTorley and my fellow UD authors for this mistake on my part.

If any UD authors want to get airtime for articles they previously posted but got bumped by my mistake, they can always re-title them and post them again. 🙂

Finally, I’m sure Denyse and Barry would be delighted to get contributions to the “News” category. If a UD author wants to post an article which he also feels doesn’t need to compete for airtime with other articles, but would still be valuable to some readers, then the author can simply post it under the “News” category. If one posts an article under multiple categories with “News” being one of the categories, the article will be treated as a “News” article by the UD content management software and give it less priority for air time than those articles that are not filed under the “News” category.

Hope this helps, and it has been a pleasure (albeit exhausting experience) to assist the News desk for the past week. Now we go back to regular programming on the this station. 🙂

Let's see how many questions Mr Myers answers. I'm betting PZ is the one who comes out looking silly. julianbre
Looks very funny!
Sure does! PZ seems to agree! Alan Fox
OT: New movie coming out on Tuesday, July 9th. Evolution vs God. http://evolutionvsgod.com. Ray Comfort interviews some top evolutionist including PZ Meyers. Looks very funny! PS great job covering the news this week Sal. julianbre
Could someone also fix the "lock in" that occurs for each article which forces (via redirect) the entery into the page twice, thus requiring clickinhg the Browser back button twice to leave the article. That's kind of bad behavior that ancient sites in 1990s used to do to keep the users on the site one click longer. nightlight

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