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Coffee!! When science nerds go bad …


… nice kids at Baylor begin to sound like Lady Gaga and look like the broom closet before Tidy Up day: “The video contradicts the idea that science is straightforward,” Shim said. “For a lot of jobs, I think, time in equals output, but in science you have to sit there and struggle. Endless troubleshooting and repetition are just part of the job.”

Though stripped of the original music video’s glossy sterility and the mechanized precision of Gaga’s cultish knot of backup dancers, Bad Project remains, in fact, really bad —- but endearingly so. Clad in safety gear with an ill-fitting blonde wig mounted atop her head, Wiese is the video’s centerpiece, her cheerless expression channeling the disillusionment of aggrieved graduate students everywhere.

Her backup dancers provide comic relief during five minutes of questionable singing and hilariously halting movements that confirm your worst suspicions about the natural rhythmphysical prowessof people who spend their days peering into beakers with oversized goggles strapped to their foreheads.

I really don't get Lady Gaga's videos at all but I love watching them. Barb

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