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Service announcement re weird stuff happening: Server upgrade at Uncommon Descent


We are not nefariously deleting your comments or posts, or disappearing at odd moments, just for fun.

Trouble was, we had more traffic than server. So starting yesterday, we upgraded.

Things were already getting crazy, but in ways you maybe hadn’t noticed. Now they are crazy in ways you do. Soon, it’ll be back to regular posting and commenting, and fewer “the site is down” moments.

Please be patient with us as we grow.

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Thank you Mr Cole. Much appreciated. Upright BiPed
UB, that's fixed now. Jack Cole
Ah, that might explain it. I've been searching for a long time this evening for a particular recent post, and it seems nowhere to be found. Will search again in a couple of days . . . Eric Anderson
FYI. Currently, the system will no longer allow people on mobile to turn off the mobile theme - which is basically useless for anything other than simply reading threads. Upright BiPed

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