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If you have been in the habit of using Twitter to get notice of new UD News posts, please note that the account was falsely reported for spam.

Note: This message from UD News could not be reported on Twitter: Service note: Re Twitter: Account falsely reported for spam.http://is.gd/OqeOCb

Falsely reported?: If you signed up, you would get UD News posts (now and then MercatorNet, or stuff my friends wrote that I found interesting, usually re freedom of speech). No sales, no rankings manipulations, etc. Just News hitting: Tweet! I guess this is what some people do when they run out of arguments after they run out of rent money.

See also: Darwin’s Doubt: Fake Steve Meyer Facebook pages a new Internet publishing craze (Readers will likely recall that Steve Meyer is that author of Signature in the Cell and Darwin’s Doubt. As it happens, an enterprising troll has decided to put up a number of fake Steve Meyer pages. I guess that is what some do when they run out of arguments before they run out of rent money.)

It’s not clear what to do about this, except that I also have a public Facebook page here you could go to, to which links are published to everything I publish here at Uncommon Descent.

A while back, I had similar trouble with people “reporting” “offensive” posts at the independent ID Facebook page (I post the run of the News Desk from UD).

Facebook proved easier to eventually deal with, and I am no longer having that problem. So you could sign up with ID Facebook Page as well.

ID Facebook is approaching 7500 members, and there you get a number of news sources and constructive engagements with issues around origins and evolution.

Also, More on fake ID pages.

and of possible interest in the age of online fakery:

Helping teens stay real in the age of virtual. Do teens learn about these deceptions in school? Should they? Would it make a difference?

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@Jack, Denyse Good news - it seems to be fixed! Orloog
Admin note: Last I heard, tech support has located the tiny code hole through which the illicit sellers were entering, and has disabled it. Probably won't be the last time but thanks much for all warnings. News
Thanks Jack Cole, I don't know what you did, but the pages seem to load a bit faster now, and a glitch I was having seems to have cleared up. bornagain77
Orloog and Denyse, I believe we have it fixed now. Jack Cole
Unfortunately, this is not a false report: The source code of each page at Uncommon Descent includes the lines
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(I changed > and < to [ and ]) I have commented on this problem a couple of times here on Uncommon Descent, and I stated
Unfortunately, the management of this site hasn’t done anything about this. But they have really no one but themselves to blame if this site is blocked by some providers!
So, now it happened - and the only surprise is that it comes as a surprise to you. Orloog

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