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Birds use tools to carry objects? (Claimed big new find)

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Old news. Darwin noted that two centuries ago. From Agata Blaszczak-Boxe at New Scientist:

New Caledonian crows have figured out how to move two things in one fell swoop. The adept tool users have been filmed inserting sticks into objects to transport both items at once – a feat that has never been seen in non-humans. More.

No? Darwin wrote about that kind of thing in 1859. Here’s a book from 2007 that describes something similar.

The fact that the speared object was a metal nut instead of something edible, like a grub, mainly suggests that the birds sense they are going to get fed somehow anyway. They are not entering the Metal Nut Age. But this is August and the Olympics are on.

See also: Tool-making crows are just acting naturally.


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