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What? Humans read minds better than other animals?

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Can’t think why that would be. From Gilead Amit at New Scientist:

You possess a “theory of mind” – something that informs your every waking moment, says Josep Call, a psychologist at the University of St Andrews, UK. “When we get dressed in the morning, we’re constantly thinking about what other people think about us.” No other animal can match our ability, making it the essential lubricant for the social interactions that set humans apart. (paywall) More.

Sets humans apart?

What about: Latest: Apes possess a “theory of mind” (Scientific American)


Ravens have a theory of mind? (New Scientist)

Obviously, animals do not have a theory of mind because they do not have theories, period. The fact that an animal can guess what another animal might do does not require a theory of mind, only awareness of likely behaviour, whether or not the entity is even alive.

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