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An evening with celebrity atheists Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris


If this is the kind of thing you need in your life:

Join Richard Dawkins as he shares the stage with special guest Sam Harris for a sold-out engagement at the Alex Theatre in Los Angeles. In this rare conversation between two brilliant and provocative thinkers, Dawkins and Harris explore a wide array of critical topics and tackle challenging questions. They discuss the implications of new scientific advancements, the threat of religious extremism, approaches to finding meaning and purpose without faith, and of course — speaking just before the U.S. presidential election — a little bit of politics.

Program notes: Dates back to 2016. Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, are two of the Four Horsemen of the Atheist Apocalypse. That used to be a thing. But still worth seeing, for sure.

Actually I forgot to say in the comment above I also read Dawkins book The God delusion , hoping he would use science to explain how I was delusional to believe in God. Alas I got another book devoid of science and full of bad philosophy and how his 10 commandments were better than God`s, without any moral basis for such commands I might add. So if you want a evening of waffle, bad philosophy, and little science I suppose that was the event to attend. Marfin
I read Sam Harris`s book the moral landscape , never did so many pages say so little. I read page after page, chapter after chapter, waiting for the big reveal , the big " now you see, thats how science can show us how to be moral" it never came. Sam`s a waffler , a well polished and slick waffler , but a waffler none the less. Marfin
Harris still misquotes the libet paradigm He has no credibility AaronS1978
Question to Dawkins and Harris: "Do you agree that anything asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence?" D/H: "Yes" There isn't any evidence that nature can produce coded information processing systems and the genetic code involves one. So you are being irrational by claiming otherwise. Thank you. ET
Lololololo Let me some up their whole conversation Religion is dangerous and religious people are ignorant Conservatives are dangerous and ignorant Evolution is cool and super true We have no free will Cancel culture can be dangerous Scientific advances support their points of view I think I covered it all so much for provocative and intelligent AaronS1978

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