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New Scientist commands!: Adjust moral compass

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… In an historic edict, Pope Francis warned that failing to act would have “grave consequences”, the brunt of which would fall on the world’s poorest people. His words came as a stark reminder that global climate change is among the most pressing moral dilemmas of the 21st century.

It joins a long list. He could have added spiralling inequality, persistent poverty, death from preventable diseases and nuclear proliferation to the ethical challenges that define our times. Some are newer than others, but all could plausibly be fixed. The fact we’re struggling with all of them raises a troubling question: does our moral compass equip us to deal with the threats we face … One must apparently pay for more from New Scientist, not recommended here.

As an older person, I simply do not know what to think when I hear this crap. My grandparents raised huge families through the Great Depression and my parents and their sibs later served honourably in WWII.

Spiralling inequality? I suggest looking at longevity rates as the best indicator of actual human welfare. They’ve been rising, rising.

What difference does it make if Bill Gates made a trillion as long as – across North America – if an old woman fell on the ice, EMS would haul her to a hospital?

Hey! Can we market that health care model worldwide? [Give Gates another trillion; who cares!]

Persistent poverty? But can we have a reasonable discussion about key causes, like fatherless homes? Or is that too un-PC?

Preventable diseases? What about people shooting down polio workers or their police guards? Yes, in some places, they do.

I don’t care what those people’s local explanation is. I remember my mom grabbing all of us by the ears and fingers and feet, and dragging us down to the makeshift clinic at the schoolhouse, when the Salk vaccine arrived in 1956.

Maybe the intellectual elite think Francis is other-worldly. But I would say the New Scientist editors are just living in another universe, which is a different sort of problem.

And we sure don’t need them remaking our morality. – O’Leary for News

2 Replies to “New Scientist commands!: Adjust moral compass

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    leodp says:

    The ice caps have been receding since the end of the last glacial period, about 11K years ago. So it must have been human activity. CO2 for sure.
    From where I sit the collapse of the natural and moral institutions of marriage and family are the greatest threat to the survival of Western civilization and the values that have given us the basis for human rights, the worth of the individual, democracy, modern science and much more (that’d be the Christian worldview). Ask school teachers about the chaos in classrooms today; filled with unparented and undisciplined kidlets who respect no authority and know no structure. Survival of the most reproductively successful; taught that they are here by chance and for no purpose and turned loose on society in service of the Supreme (and most importantly, sexual) Self.

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    Mapou says:

    The Pope is an inherent part of the conspiracy of world rulers (and other hidden players) that led to all the major problems of the world. Now they’re scrambling to avert a looming economic and social disaster of their own making. So the best solution that the jackasses could come up with is the myth of AGW. Lately, they have redoubled their propaganda efforts in the face of stiff public resistance. And why not, propaganda has always been effective in the past. But it will make no difference. The whole thing will blow up in their faces. Big time. LOL.

    One man’s opinion, of course.

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