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An eyewitness report on the 44th annual March for Life

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. . . being, an example of an actual, genuine grassroots-based movement of conscience and reformation in a civilisation giving itself over to ruinous marches of folly driven by toxic agit prop. (It also follows up from the recent post on the three marches, here; and the updated live streaming of the march, here.) Thanks are due to one of the UD family, who I will call X, as given the cyber stalking and on the ground stalking and fringe of dangerous creeps who lurk in the shadows surrounding UD, that is a regrettable necessity.

Let me add, a video contrast of two marches just one week apart:

[youtube -fY1OGWnr1o]

X, you know yourself, and heartfelt thanks go to you for giving us an eyewitness report, complete with pictures that themselves tell a story by utter, telling contrast with the other two marches:


>>X‘s March for Life 2017 Report


I traveled to Washington DC last week with my girlfriend Y to attend the 2017 March for Life, which is held annually “to provide all Americans with a place to testify to the beauty of life and the dignity of each human person” and to remember January 22, 1973, “the infamous historic day the Supreme Court invalidated 50 state laws and made abortion legal and available on demand throughout the United States in the now-infamous decisions in Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton.”


I have made it a point to go to the March every year, although I have sometimes been thwarted by things like illness and weather, so my attendance has not been perfect since I decided the March was to become part of my life a decade ago. I intend to keep going back until I am physically unable, which I hope is later down the line rather than sooner.

In previous years on the morning of the March, my buddy Z and I have watched television coverage of the March while throwing down breakfast at our hotel, which is to say we watched coverage of people protesting the March, because the March itself was never covered by big media. Yes, you read that right. This year, however, the buzz around was that it was going to be finally given some attention by what’s supposed to be news reporting, because of some big names that were going to be around.

This year, after an early complimentary breakfast of course, my traveling companions and I caught the V-line Metro from W-ville, [ . . . ] into town and we were soon walking from the station to the Washington Monument, where the Rally for Life was going to be held. We got notification from March resources that since VP Pence was going to be speaking at the rally, we had to get there early to get through the security checkpoints in time, which was like going through security at the airport, with metal detectors to walk through and personal items being subject to examination, and so forth.

We were lucky we got there as early as we did (about 9:30am), because shortly after picking out a spot to stand on near the main stage, long lines of people began to coalesce along Constitution Ave and flow into the space. I mean the lines were all the way down as far as we could see. Furthermore during the rally itself, you could see crowds of people lined up on either side of the venue, behind the fences, because there was no room left in the official rally area or they just couldn’t get in because of the long lines. I wanted to meet with my cousins who came also, but they never made it in.

MfL '17 rally
MfL ’17 rally

Normally, I do not use much of my time to listen to political speakers anymore, even if they are devoted Pro-Lifers like me. I’ve heard it all before. But I will say, what I was impressed by was the mere presence of VP Pence, and Kellyanne Conway (Trump advisor), and Mia Love (first GOP black woman ever elected), and Ben Watson (NFL). A group of young American Heritage Girls led the Pledge of Allegiance, which was heartwarming, and there is the opening and closing prayers to the rally, which are very inspirational to me and unify all the different faith traditions represented there.

The talking went on too long and there is always a bottleneck when the March itself starts and hundreds of thousands of people are all trying to walk down the same street at the same time. So we waited and waited and waited, pressed on all sides by people, while our turn to start marching from the Washington Mall up the road to the Capitol Building came. If you are claustrophobic, I do not recommend participation in this.

MfL17-2: March in progress
MfL17-2: March in progress
MfL17-3: No law gives a right to do wrong
MfL17-3: No law gives a right to do wrong

One of the most fascinating things you see when you attend the March are the signs. You get to see so many signs in so many shapes and sizes from so many places across the country made by so many different people that say so many things about how precious life is. One of these days, I’m going to go to the March and just take pictures of signs and say hello to the people holding the signs and make a book about it. As one of the speakers at the rally said, we welcome everyone to march with us.

Being on your feet from 9am until 3pm or so, without sitting, takes it’s toll on your back. I have lower back issues from time to time and I almost got worried that I would cause a flare-up or something. Miraculously, when Y and I found a sidewalk bench to sit on for 5 minutes, it was like a healing. We were able to continue on up to the Capitol. The only other thing that threatened to interrupt our March was one of the many food trucks that lined the street for awhile. Keep marching, soldier!

The March for Life only happens once a year, but there are many Pro-Life ministries to get involved with if a person is serious about the issue, as I try to be. I’ve been volunteering at a local pregnancy center for the past three years, helping single women with educational materials and assisting with shopping in the store for donated baby stuff we have at the center. The center is launching a men’s outreach too, which I am helping get off the ground, along with a prayer group there that I have volunteered to lead. There’s lots of work to be done.>>


It is time for us to face what we have done as a civilisation, and what we continue to do.

Let us ponder the grim reality of 800+ million members of our unborn posterity slaughtered in the womb since the 1970’s, and rising at a further million per WEEK. Then, let us understand how corrupting such blood guilt is, and how it must seep into everything, everywhere, shaping our worldview and civilisational agenda through the seven mountain-citadels that dominate any community:


Then, let us ask ourselves, how we can awaken our deadened consciences and souls, and how we can by God’s grace find a saner, better way by a realistic path of reform; illuminated by understanding the signs in life itself and in the cosmos that point to its design by an intelligent being. One who clearly made us as responsibly, rationally free and morally governed. END

MW, the spirits manifesting in the march of Jan 21st are plain, and not good. The Mary should have had an abortion mentality not only grossly misunderstands the history of our civilisation and the impact of the gospel and its ethics, but it plainly manifests the spirit of antichrist. Let us get back to the main focus of the OP, as that is how we will begin to bind the demonic strong man to set his captives free from his yoke of deception and bondage to evil. KF PS: BTW, the costumes shown were relatively mild relative to what else was on display. Of course, not brought up seriously in major media. kairosfocus
Seversky, you need to learn the context of a problem of specifically disorderly, disruptive remarks [apparently mainly calling out to husbands to explain things, disrupting sermons/proceedings, it seems] in a church that had major behavioural problems as documented across two epistles we have and it seems two other letters we don't; also requiring several corrective visits by Paul and/or his delegates. For instance, the context specifically includes men and women praying and prophesying with the statement there too that you all may prophesy. Likewise, the founding circumstances for the church include that Paul was collaborating with a power couple where the wife -- by her name -- came from a high class Roman family with all the implications that carries in a very status-conscious age. In short, snip out of context and snipe rhetoric is little more than an irresponsible, dirty strawman argument; as serious discussions are readily available. I say this just once, as correction. Given what is at stake, I will view further off-topic red herrings like this as threadjacking and will act with vigour. As you have a long history you will get no further warnings. KF PS: Onlookers, the matters at stake here are far too important to allow threadjacking games so please do not further respond to this distractor. Seversky knows that if he wants a serious response there are plenty of sound sources that do not involve threadjacking where a live in progress holocaust of 800+ million mounting up at 1 million per WEEK is on the table. His response to the matters at stake speaks volumes about his animating spirits, and none of it good. kairosfocus
mw @ 33
It seems, just as there is an antichrist spirit, there is an antiWoman or antiMarian spirit.
I wonder why that should be?
1 Corinthians 14:34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law. 14:35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.
Silver Asiatic # 30, thank you for your valued comments. My wife takes the credit. She 'says' she is not a 'Christian'; no longer goes to Church, and yet, puts up with me. Thank you, GBDixon # 13, for your clarification. mw
KF, further to your question # 10 - the following is "The 5 Most DISGUSTING Displays Seen At The Women's March." http://madworldnews.com/5-displays-womens-march/ "If Mary had had an abortion we wouldn't be in this mess." It seems, just as there is an antichrist spirit, there is an antiWoman or antiMarian spirit. mw
F/N: We must not forget the Owens case in the UK where anti-Christian bigotry was used to try to lock out otherwise eminently qualified parents (who happened to be black Jamaican immigrants to the UK) from foster parenting because of their Christian beliefs and practices in the face of homosexualist activism. KF kairosfocus
rvb8 Your thoughts for mothers and the children are passionate in a good way and seem sincere. However ...
What happens to saved child? What if the mother truly did not want the pregnancy, and wanted an early termination, but the new ‘Law of the Land’, forbade her.
If this "termination" is something of indifference, like a cosmetic surgery, then you have a question. But think about what you're saying. If the mother didn't want the child then murder is ok? There are many children born in difficult circumstances - many unwanted. Does this mean we should kill them? Silver Asiatic
mw - you and your wife did a very good thing. You don't need me to tell you that - God knows it. But it's a beautiful example of putting the Gospel in action. Silver Asiatic
rvb8, With regard to your #14 above Read http://www.lifenews.com/2012/07/09/thirty-six-couples-wait-for-every-one-baby-who-is-adopted/ Particularly this from the last paragraph. "The good news is that the cure for our abortion epidemic already exists, and it is adoption. If, in fact, there are 36 couples lined up for every adoption, there are 4-5 million couples waiting for babies, a number that is 3-4x greater than the 1.2 million babies we annually abort. " Look at this article as well. http://www.lifenews.com/2012/05/17/why-do-more-people-choose-abortion-over-adoption/ Stephen SteRusJon
How much moral obligation do rvb8’s opinions carry? If what he believes is true, the answer is zero. As I and others have said here many times before, atheism (atheistic naturalism/materialism) provides absolutely no foundation for interpersonal moral obligation. Therefore, any of his opinions about morality, human rights or abortion are absurd and meaningless. What do you call someone who believes this kind of foolishness? This is why, if I were an atheist, I wouldn’t be bothering anyone. Obviously, rvb8 is someone who has not yet come to terms with his own atheistic world view. john_a_designer
Sorry GBDixon - I obviously misread that! Silver Asiatic
I refuse to take your position seriously unless you yourself have an adopted child under your care.
rvb8, Likewise, I refuse to take your position seriously unless you've adopted a refugee. Every refugee a wanted refugee. Simple as that. Andrew asauber
MW, yup that is what a trifecta is. It seemed an appropriate term about a decade ago when I saw a habitual atmosphere-poisoning fallacy routinely resorted to by objectors to design theory. They hate my calling attention to the pattern and to another pattern, selective hyperskepticism by which a double-standard of warrant is used to dismiss our claims. KF kairosfocus
RVB8, we are talking about the willful killing of innocent unborn children in the womb. Half the time, the child being killed is not even the same sex as his mother. On the Guttmacher-UN figures, the current rate is 50+ millions per year, a simple growth model presented to you several times that you cannot challenge successfully shows that on a conservative growth trend for 40+ years, we are discussing the mass killing of 800+ million unborn children across the past generation, currently mounting up at another million per week. (If anything, 800 mn is an under-estimate, hence the +.) Further to this, a holocaust describes such a mass killing, and is often enabled by dehumanising the victims. Which is exactly what has been done through the "it's a woman's right to choose what she does with her body" talking point and the like. So, it is an accurate though uncomfortable description to draw attention to this as a holocaust. Racism etc are bad enough to justifiably be seen as outrages; but, such are only oppressive, this is about killing. One robbed of his or her life can have no other rights thereafter. I suggest to you that you need to think again, very carefully, before trying to delegitimise calling the worst holocaust in history what it is, a holocaust -- and worse, by imposing an ad hominem demand. Sorry, one does not have to adopt a child in order to be able to accurately recognise a holocaust in progress; the two bear no proper logical or moral relationship. And, once we accept that holocaust must stop, we can then address real issues just as we have always done. KF PS: Your very term, excess of people, is pregnant with deadly intent. I suggest, that I already pointed out that there are other places on the interwebs that discuss serious development, sustainability, adoption, etc econ, ethical, legal and social policies. Further, responsible family planning and management of sexual behaviour would drastically reduce incidence of unwanted conceptions -- similar to how smoking has been handled, and the Marlboro man effect exorcised. I also note that contrary to the myth of overpopulation, much of the developed world is in deep demographic collapse. The Caribbean is rapidly heading that way, and other zones will follow; population follows logistics curves in growth trends, not unlimited exponentials. The real issue is soft landing. For that, I point out that
a: fusion tech, pebble bed modular reactors and molten salt thorium reactors would transform the global energy picture [including whatever degree of anthropogenic climate change is a legitimate concern rather than hype for pushing a global watermelon agenda], allowing us to b: solve water and food production problems as well as to begin solar system colonisation across this century, where also c:when I last did the calc the whole world's population can be accommodated in family sized groups on 1 - 2 acre plots that would take up a total land mass more or less comparable to that of Australia, the smallest continent of consequence;
. . . so I take a very different view of the malthusian population-resource-technology match problem. And no, I will not discuss strategies to deal with ME dictatorships and aggressive islamism in this thread, save to point out that the last decade of fecklessness has allowed the Persian Empire to come back on the geostrategic chessboard and to be at nuke threshold. Very unwise and defiant of strong counsel to the contrary. PPS: I also happen to be raising a potential significant contribution to the solutions to come; our ultimate resource lies between our ears. kairosfocus
KF: “the trifecta fallacy: red herrings led away to strawmen soaked in ad hominems and set alight to cloud, confuse, poison and polarise the atmosphere.” Very good word use, KF, but I had to look up the word “trifecta:” which appears to be an American term for a type of bet naming first, second, and third in a race. mw
Stupid dad, "principle" should read "principal." mw
rvb8 @ 14: "I refuse to take your position seriously unless you yourself have an adopted child under your care." _______________________________________________________ Well, rvb8, for one, my wife and I. Our best friends did the same. As for our daughter being under "our care," not quite the words the judge used when the baby legally became our daughter. Who, at this moment in time, is 'prancing' about as a principle in the hit musical "Cats." "Heart of stone," that's rich. It seems to me, rvb8, the old cherry that beguiled Darwin: why all this suffering! Reduce/eliminate suffering and all shall be well? A good God would not inflict such, he has a heart of stone. Instead, Darwin pumped us up to degrade ourselves to the level of animals, which justified his theory, and implanted us with the heart of a beast. Let me see, in terms of Judaeo-Christian belief, how many of us are the adopted children of Jesus, God in part and God in whole? He then comes under your terms for listening, go ahead. mw
Kairos, "RVB8, this not an emotional issue it is a question of the worst holcaust in history,..." Hmmm, your words bely their intent, to de-emotionalise that which is plainly emotional to you! Sounds pretty emotional for you at least. And after your emotional reply to my suggesting that pro-lifers don't really deal in consequences, you produce two more rather emotional posts. Also in #16 you make the absurd suggestion that first we save the fetuses, then we'll figure out what will become of them; let's just get more babies born first! Nonsense, without a plan as to how you will cope with this excess of humanity your desire to multiply humanity is inherrantly, inhumane! Can't you take even a second to digest what you are suggesting? Try this: G.H.W.Bush, 'Let's take down Saddam.' Generals, 'OK, and replace him with what?' G.W.Bush, 'Let's smoke the bad guys outta their holes, destroy Iraqi infrastructure, ignore tribal sensabilities, and generally ride rough-shod over several cultures.' Planners, 'OK, and what will be the result?' Your assertion that first we save the babies. And, only then address their needs, hopes, dreams, and basic life necessities, including one on one love and parenting, tells me you have a heart of stone. rvb8
Further exposing Planned Parenthood: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/02/03/pre-natal-care-planned-parenthood-staff-admit-ultrasounds-only-for-abortions/ >>Pro-life organization Live Action continues its series of undercover videos investigating Planned Parenthood’s claim that it offers “pre-natal care” to pregnant women. In the video below, Live Action investigators called Planned Parenthood affiliates throughout the country, asking if they could have an ultrasound to check on the health status of their unborn baby . . . . “Oh, we won’t be able to tell you if it’s healthy or the gender,” says a Planned Parenthood staff member in Farmington, New Mexico. “If you’re, you know – we specialize in abortions. You know, that’s what our ultrasounds are for, to see how far along the, um, patient is.” At Planned Parenthood in St. Paul, Minnesota, a worker states, “We do [ultrasounds] when, um, when performing abor – um, abortion procedures.” In Corning, New York, a Planned Parenthood staff member explains, “No, we only do – we only do ultrasounds if you are terminating.” “We have to do an ultrasound with an abortion, but we don’t offer them for – we can’t do anything to make sure that the pregnancy’s fine,” says a Planned Parenthood employee in St. Louis, Missouri . . . . “The reality is Planned Parenthood’s focus for pregnant women is abortion,” Rose said at the press conference [held to reveal the findings of the investigation]. “It’s not pre-natal care. It’s not serving young mothers, promoting them, supporting them; it’s abortion.” “Women in our country deserve far better than abortion,” she continued. “Far better than to be seen as, ‘You need abortion in order to achieve your dream, in order to live your life, in order to have your career and your family the way you want,’ and we reject that.” “I can think of no organization in the recent history of the world that has deceived the world more than Planned Parenthood,” said Rep. Franks, noting that the abortion chain’s president, Cecile Richards, has claimed defunding Planned Parenthood would be harmful to women. “Live Action’s investigative video series has completely exploded this ridiculous lie,” he added. “The truth is Planned Parenthood is the largest perpetrator of abortion in America, mercilessly killing some 300,000 human babies a year.” “Planned Parenthood is not interested in providing health care to women,” said Rep. Hartzler. “Its exclusive mission and its area of expertise is abortion. If Planned Parenthood’s mission is to serve the health needs of women, they are failing miserably.”>> --> Under false colour of health care, to the tune of US$500 millions per year subsidies from tax dollars. KF kairosfocus
Sierra Club as enablers of the holocaust of the unborn: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/02/03/sierra-club-chief-abortion-key-sustainable-population/ >>The executive director of the environmentalist Sierra Club said that abortion is a critical tool for protecting the environment from the threat of overpopulation. On Thursday, the Sierra Club’s Michael Brune appeared on Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight to argue for the importance of “reproductive rights” as a means of culling the world’s population and protecting the environment. Brune said that abortion “helps to address the number of the people that we have on this planet. We feel that one of the ways in which we can get to a sustainable population is to empower women to make choices about their own families.” When abortion is legalized, Brune suggested, it helps keep the population from expanding out of control. “We believe in empowering women’s rights. We believe that women who have rights and who have the ability to have choice about their reproductive—make their own reproductive choices—will help to produce strong families and will help to protect the environment at the same time.”>> --> Let us do holocaust that good may come. KF kairosfocus
Mung, point. KF kairosfocus
RVB8, this is not an emotional issue it is a question of the worst holocaust in history, mounting up at 1 million more per week; with massive corruption of institutions to enable such under false colour of law -- pointing to a need for massive reforms. When we see recognition of that central point that the first right is being violated, secondary questions can be entertained. Until that is done, what I am seeing is little more than opening moves of the trifecta fallacy: red herrings led away to strawmen soaked in ad hominems and set alight to cloud, confuse, poison and polarise the atmosphere. Besides, those issues are seriously addressed elsewhere, if you had cared to look. KF kairosfocus
As is in principle every other kind of evidence, not least because such have to pass through the hands of eyewitnesses and participants.
Indeed. What evidence is there absent a witness? And who claimed that the skeptics were rational? Mung
I am well aware of the emotional nature of this subject and do not wish to needlessly upset pro-life feelings. However, there are questions which pro-life groups either unknowingly ignore, or, more likely, deliberately steer clear of: 1.) Most important, once the baby has been born, and your work of saving the child has been accomplished, what then? It seems to me that pro-lifers, breath a sigh of relief that they have saved another child for Christ and then move on to the next mother, to save that child. What happens to saved child? What if the mother truly did not want the pregnancy, and wanted an early termination, but the new 'Law of the Land', forbade her. We now have an unwanted child. Will the state pick up the bill? Who will give the child Love? Who will show the child how to live? No one wants h/her; they grow up to become, what? The next jihadist bomber, the only place they feel acceptance. In short, your salvation of 800 million children does not stop at the cervix, it involves at least 18 years of serious one on one care. Please think about this!! 2.) Connected to this is the responsibility of Kairos and other passionate defenders of the fetus. I refuse to take your position seriously unless you yourself have an adopted child under your care. I see these protesters showing deep emotion at the 'murder' of innocence, and yet their outrage ends at their wallets. 3.) What about the mother? Many of these mothers are children, literally, some as young as 13 and 14, occasionally younger. They are stigmatised for childish ignorance of the consequences of their actions; the boys run away, to copulate again. Double standard anyone? Please people, just a tiny, tiny amount of empathy for the mother, and the soon to be ignored baby. If Kairos's 800million were alive to day, most obviously unwanted by their mothers, society, and, notably the Christian community, how many of them would be well balanced members of society? How many would be neglected depressants? How many suicidal/homicidal/psychotic etc? We can not be human beings without being wanted. Being born and unwanted I suggest, is a greater crime than ending that unwanted pregnancy. rvb8
GBDixon: “If I ever catch you acting like those disgusting women your father and I will disown you.” Sorry---sarcastic joke gone awry. GBDixon
MW, I too am simply stunned, and of course the pink kitty ear knitted caps are simply a less explicit allusion tied to a twisting of vulgar remarks caught on live mike. Those remarks were bad but in no wise justify either the snide accusation of assault or this level of public vulgarity and hostile behaviour. As for the wider agenda, what can I say. It is a time for civilisation-level exorcism, and prayer is a first step, joined to Godly prophetic proclamation of scripture in correction to a culture gone demonically mad -- reminds me of that riotous crowd in Ephesus described in Ac 19 as baying away for two solid hours. I think here, esp. Rom 1:16 - 32. KF kairosfocus
KF, I totally agree with your comments. As for those costumes you mention, I am at a loss for words, which is unlike me! However, I recently read of some alleged mystical experience in which God said that, in these times, even if his face flashed across the sky, it would be of no avail. Possibly meaning that the event would be rationalised away. Therefore, the face of the earth must be changed. Still, prayer and by such protests we can hope to mitigate divine justice. mw
MW, have you seen the "open vulva" costumes, just for starters? While I understand GBD to be satirical, the sheer combination of vulgar display, obscene messaging and more multiplied by the agenda that includes enabling of the worst holocaust in history, speak volumes. Worst holocaust? Yes, 800+ million unborn members of our posterity in some 40 odd years and mounting up at a million more per WEEK. The scale of blood guilt induced hardening of conscience and heart, endarkening of mind, corruption of medicine, law, government, media, education and society to sustain such beggars the imagination. I have been forced to the saddened conclusion that we are collectively the WORST generation in history, and I would not trust ANY "consensus" or predominant view or policy or proposal coming out of this generation that in the slightest degree depends on sound moral judgement. That is one reason why the annual march for life is a crucially important witness to a willful, untoward generation. KF kairosfocus
I can just imagine millions of loving mothers gathering their daughters in their arms to share a tender, heartfelt message
That's a pretty good example of the evolutionary-brain at work. Your imagination is clearly warped. It might be hard to accept, because you want to believe that the other march was in the forefront of everybody's mind that day, but in fact - I'm sorry, most people totally ignored it. As for the attendees and their mothers - from our city alone we had 5 busloads of high school kids who attended, and they went as groups of kids, without their parents. That's what you'll see at the march. The kids who attended have a lot more intelligence than you give them credit for. But isn't it always that way with the people who've been trying to indoctrinate kids with the benefits of "safe sex" for the past generations? Silver Asiatic
GBDixon: “If I ever catch you acting like those disgusting women your father and I will disown you.” _______________________________________________________________________ Honestly, I do not know what you are trying to say. Jesus died for us at our worst. He loved us to his death. To call anyone disgusting who actually needs healing from mental and spiritual wounds impregnated by this Darwinist/evolutionist world is wrong. The Father disowns no-one. Jesus and the Father are one. Ref. http://creation.com/margaret-sanger-darwinian-eugenicist mw
Nice report, thanks KF. What an inspiration both marches were! After the first one I can just imagine millions of loving mothers gathering their daughters in their arms to share a tender, heartfelt message with their dear daughters: "If I ever catch you acting like those disgusting women your father and I will disown you." GBDixon
As is in principle every other kind of evidence, not least because such have to pass through the hands of eyewitnesses and participants. Let's not play self-referential hyperskeptical games that saw off the branch on which we must sit. kairosfocus
Sorry kf, but we all know how unreliable eyewitness testimony is. ;) Mung
X did a great job, the original pics are high res jobs. kairosfocus
Wonderful report - I enjoyed every word of it!
One of these days, I’m going to go to the March and just take pictures of signs and say hello to the people holding the signs and make a book about it
That sounds like a great project -- I hope you will do it. Silver Asiatic
PS: As a clue for those unable to acknowledge the only logical, scientifically warranted time when a new human life has begun [watch the vid in the OP], kindly note that half of the time, the new life is that of a boy, i.e. not even the same sex as his mother. This artificial inability to recognise patent truth is a telling example of gaslighting in action as a manifestation of the big lie technique. kairosfocus
An eyewitness report on the 2017 March for Life. (Thanks, X, Y and Z.) PS: are there any reasonable march size estimates? (I know per remarks I have seen, the range in recent years seems to have been 250k - 600k. Recall, this is 44 years after 1973.) kairosfocus

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