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Finally! A scientifically accurate textbook on evolution!


Explore Evolution

New Textbook Seeks to Improve Teaching of Evolution as reported by Rob Crowther.

Explore Evolution brings to the classroom data and debates that already are raised regularly by scientists in their science journals,” emphasized science education policy analyst Casey Luskin, M.S., J.D. “Exposure to these real-world scientific debates will make the study of evolution more interesting to students, and it will train them to be better scientists by encouraging them to actually practice the kind of critical thinking and analysis that forms the heart of science.”

Co-authored by two state university biology professors, two philosophers of science, and a science curriculum writer, Explore Evolution was peer-reviewed by biology faculty at both state and private universities, teachers with experience in both AP and pre-AP life science courses, and doctoral scientists working for industry and government. The textbook has been pilot-tested in classes at both the secondary school and college levels.

Be sure to visit: www.exploreevolution.com

How does this book compare to "Of Pandas and People," the first ID book intended to be a school text, which was banned by Judge Jones ? And how does it compare to William Dembski's "The Design of Life," intended to be a replacement for Pandas? I don't know -- I have not seen any of these books. I think that intelligent design has been overemphasized at the expense of non-ID criticisms of Darwinism, e.g., criticisms concerning co-evolution, the propagation of beneficial mutations in sexual reproduction, and chromosome counts. Even the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics needs to be studied to show that this is a bad criticism of Darwinism. I think that we can forget about the fundy biology textbooks that are involved in the fundy lawsuit against the Univ. of Calif.. The introduction to one of these textbooks says,
The people who have prepared this book have tried consistently to put the Word of God first and science second . . . . . . . . . To the best of the author's knowledge, the conclusions drawn from observable facts and presented in this book agree with the Scriptures . . . . . . . The same encyclopedia article may state that the grasshopper evolved 300 million years ago. You may find a description of some insect that the grasshopper supposedly evolved from and a description of the insects that scientists say evolved from the grasshopper. You may even find a "scientific" explanation of the biblical locust (grasshopper) plague in Egypt. These statements are conclusions based on "supposed science." If the conclusions contradict the Word of God, the conclusions are wrong, no matter how many scientific facts may appear to back them.
LOL Larry Fafarman
This is victory indeed. Actually it does not matter whether ID is taught inside or outside science classes. Most people are intelligent, and they know that scientific theories of origin are more on speculative stuff than on real truth. People don't really care very much whether ID is science or not science. What they care is whether ID is the truth. But that does not mean we have to surrender science to the Darwinists. Keep on fighting...ID is still new...a new generation of scientists will grow up exposed to ID, and eventually take over. The old Darwinist school is a sunset industry, and it will die a definite death when the current generation of Darwinists fade into oblivion. Just like the Marxists and Freudians. MatthewTan
About 10-15% of the United State's school children are in private or home schools. We are still talking millions of children who may finally get access to first rate materials now that this book is out. Though we do lament that 85-90% of the school kids in the USA might still be subject to Darwinist indoctrination, there are a few who will escape who are in private and home schools. Let's not give up rescuing the millions of children we can rescue merely because we can't rescue all the kids from the Darwinists. And what's to stop this book being used outside of the science curriculum? Recall, Judge Jones said it was appropriate! See: Did Judge Jones actually open the door to teaching ID in public schools?
intelligent design proponents keep quiet about the idea that [Judge] Jones’s decision opens new legal support to teach thier views in philosophy and religion classes. “We do not question that many of the leading advocates of ID have bona fide and deeply held beliefs which drive their scholarly endeavors. Nor do we controvert that ID should continue to be studied, debated, and discussed...” Jones wrote, suggesting that intelligent design is a legitimate field of study outside biology class. This is a victory to an intellignt design movement...
This is a religiously motivated book! Only churches will endorse it. There is no science in there. No peer review, no predictions! No nothing! /darwinian tape off Mats
I saw this earlier today, and was going to post an off-topic on it. This it too cool, but we'll see a lawsuit for sure when the first public school attempts to use it. (You can't criticize Darwinism or teach evidence against it by law, according to the ACLU.) Atom
Do you know if it is being accepted by school boards? If so by how many? bornagain77

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