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Asking non-theists interested in ID to speak out seems to have sparked plenty of views, discussion …

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The Great Evolution Mystery Discussion continues apace at “Agnostic & Non-Theistic ID Proponents/Sympathizers– Speak Up. One person wanted to know why “nullasalus” does not solicit the views of non-theist critics of ID: Because that’s not what the thread is about. This is “non-theist sympathizers week” here at UD. Next week will be too, if you want to talk more.

Also, one non-theist who came to doubt Darwin – who might have been missed in the discussion at – Speak Up – is British science broadcaster David Rattray Taylor (d. 1981), author of posthumously published The Great Evolution Mystery. Here’s the kind of thing that he noted. Book much recommended.

semi OT: Intelligent Design Making Headway into Texas Public Schools Excerpt: As early as this year, public schools in Texas may be able to teach students about intelligent design in their science classes, reigniting the much-heated debate over the teaching of evolutionary theory. http://www.christianpost.com/news/intelligent-design-making-headway-into-texas-public-schools-50210/ bornagain77
This looks like as good as place as any to mention a discussion I have initiated on my blog: Does Uncommon Descent deliberately suppress dissenting views? Clearly this subject cannot be addressed on UD itself and I welcome any contributions from UD regulars. Readers may be surprised to know that my answer is "no". markf
Taylor writes:
the origin of the phyla is not by any means the weakest point in the Darwinian position. Many facts remain inexplicable ... Modern biology is challenged by 'a whole group of problems' as Riedl remarks. Now, however, the attempt to present Darwinism as an established dogma, immune from criticism, is disintegrating. At last the intellectual log-jam is breaking up. So we may be on the verge of major advances. The years ahead could be exciting.
Ah the optimism. Mung

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