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Columnist at Britain’s Telegraph wants to “fire” Dawkins over his dangerous tweet

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Fire him, that is, as a public atheism blowhard.

Tweeted. Fired. (By one Matthew Norman. Dunno if that’s like being fired by Donald Trump … )

Funny how Dawkins spouted vitriol for years about Christians but he had to say something uncomplimentary about Muslims before the Media We Should All Read and Listen To got ever so upset.

No wonder there is a fire sale of major media in progress.

2 Replies to “Columnist at Britain’s Telegraph wants to “fire” Dawkins over his dangerous tweet

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    Axel says:

    I suspect the accusation of cowardice, levelled against him even by his own ‘groupies’, for his protracted refusal to debate with William Lane Craig, is now rankling quite uncomfortably.

    But, in the end, alas, discretion got the better of valour, while strangest of all to relate, thereby, for once, truth got the better of him. ‘Father, I cannot tell a lie.’ Positively Washingtonian in his demeanour.

  2. 2
    Barb says:

    From the article cited: “He preaches so conceitedly, and with such poisonously illiberal scorn for those who follow the great faiths, that I want to worship alongside every one of them. While the new Pope seems a genuinely holy kinda guy, and the new Archbishop of Canterbury an absolute sweetheart, Dawkins is more repressively dogmatic than the Ayatollahs.”

    When you have become what you hate most, you have lost both the battle and the war.

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