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Yet another reason the space aliens are not here


Because their killer robots killed them all (the Berserker Hypothesis):

Rather than having a single proponent, the Berseker Hypothesis is one that appears to have emerged over time, both as a popular science fiction trope and as a potential resolution to the Fermi Paradox. In the case of the former, science fiction writers like Fred Saberhagen explored this idea at length with his Berserker novels (1963-2005), the popular SF series from which the theory gets its name…

There have been a number of variations on this argument, such as cosmologist Edward Harrison. In 1981, he argued that an advanced species that has overcome its own self-destructive tendencies might be motivated to create Berserker probes out of a sense of self-preservation. This idea, where destruction is implemented out of some sense of “the greater good,” has come to be known as the “Cosmic Quarantine Hypothesis.”

There’s also the version of this hypothesis where the first lifeform (or lifeforms) to achieve interstellar space travel and colonization will prevent others from arising and achieving the same ends. This may be intentional, or simply the result of the “tragedy of the commons” and the “anthropic principle”, where one party working for their own self-interests invariably holds back others.

Matt Williams, “Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” VI: What is the Berserker Hypothesis?” at Universe Today

And so forth. Williams offers the common sense rejoinder that, if robots killed them all, we should now be dealing with the robots. In some quarters, common sense is doubtless considered to be overrated.

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An ignorant comment. Please claim that Navy fighter pilots and ship radar system operators are not observing truly unidentified aerial vehicles exhibiting impossible (for present technology) flight characteristics. The tip of an iceberg: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/14/us/politics/navy-ufo-reports.html
Navy fighter pilots reported close encounters with unidentified aerial vehicles, including several dangerously close, in eight incidents between June 27, 2013, and Feb. 13, 2019, according to documents recently released by the Navy. Two happened on one day, according to one of eight unclassified Navy safety reports released in response to requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act by news outlets, including The New York Times. Last month the Defense Department authenticated three videos of aerial encounters previously published by The Times, accompanying accounts of Navy pilots who reported such close encounters. ...................... The Navy records, known as “hazard reports,” describe both visual and radar sightings, including close calls with the aerial vehicles, or “unmanned aircraft systems.” One incident, on March 26, 2014, over the Atlantic Ocean off Virginia Beach, involved a silver object “approximately the size of a suitcase” that was tracked on radar passing within 1,000 feet of one of the jets, according to the report. Some of the incidents involved fighter squadrons aboard the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt. One of the former F/A-18 Super Hornet pilots, Lt. Ryan Graves, last year described a close encounter off Virginia Beach with what looked like a flying sphere encasing a cube, as recounted by a fellow pilot and later reported to the squadron safety officer. ............................ ............................
Of course there are no aliens on earth or visiting earth, tell me what you cannot see online , aliens thats what , we can see pretty much everything else since we put a camera phone in every hand on earth, but no more convincing photos or video of UFO s or aliens since the grainy pictures or 8mm of old. Marfin
Ymeynot, That's very interesting. It's been a long time since I read Communion, and I didn't read any of Strieber's later books, but I recall several of his anecdotes had a very creepy vibe. ET, Good, hopefully you will find it thought-provoking and entertaining. daveS
shrugs . . . but SETI has been answered, digital, alphanumeric algorithmic code in DNA. kairosfocus
DaveS @ 9- I found the book. When it arrives @ my local library they will let me know. ET
DaveS @ 9. For what it’s worth, I had the opportunity to speak with Whitely Strieber in the late 1980s. It was on a late night call-in radio talkshow. He was discussing his thoughts about the source UFO phenomenon. I asked him if he ever considered that the source may be demonic in nature. He said he hadn’t considered that. Maybe five or 10 years ago I heard or read that he now did consider the source to be demonic. ymeynot
Re-reading the OP, I was remined of Thanos. It was too late to prevent expansion so he wanted to get rid of half so the rest can survive and thrive. ET
I thought they stopped coming because all the theaters are closed. EDTA
As to this comment from the article,
There have been a number of variations on this argument, such as cosmologist Edward Harrison. In 1981, he argued that an advanced species that has overcome its own self-destructive tendencies might be motivated to create Berserker probes out of a sense of self-preservation.
And why do they 'theologically' presuppose that some hypothetical advanced aliens will have the same sinful 'self destructive tendencies' as we have that should be overcome? On Darwinian evolution, (which Im assume they believe in), there is no objective morality, only 'red in tooth and claw' survival of the fittest. On that Darwinian presupposition of no objective morality, Stephen Hawking had the right idea of being very wary of aliens:
Humanity should be wary of seeking out contact with alien civilizations, Stephen Hawking has warned once again. In 2010, the famed astrophysicist said that intelligent aliens may be rapacious marauders, roaming the cosmos in search of resources to plunder and planets to conquer and colonize. He reiterates that basic concern in "Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places," a new documentary streaming now on the CuriosityStream video service. "One day, we might receive a signal from a planet like this," Hawking says in the documentary, referring to a potentially habitable alien world known as Gliese 832c. "But we should be wary of answering back. https://www.space.com/34184-stephen-hawking-afraid-alien-civilizations.html
On the other 'Theistic' hand though, here is a humorous video clip about a oh so ‘coincidental’ phone call at SETI that had a very interesting timing as to its occurrence
Tyson: "Their (SETI's) goal is the ultimate prize in the life finding game. Someone out there we can talk to." Shostak: "Nothing to do but sit here and wait for them to call." (And exactly at that moment the phone rings right behind Shostak). Shostak: "And on cue they've called." - quotes as stated at 11:22 minute mark - Where are the Aliens Origins Nova Neil Degrasse Tyson - video - https://youtu.be/t1ReViBCDOs?t=667
As a Christian who has seen a few answered prayers during my life, I find it strange that the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) organization spends millions of dollars vainly searching for signs of extra-terrestrial life in this universe, when all anyone has to do to make solid contact with THE primary 'extra-terrestrial intelligence' of the entire universe is to pray with a sincere heart. God, who created heaven and earth, certainly does not hide from those who sincerely need and seek Him. I would think that personally communicating with the Creator of the universe would be a lot more exciting than not communicating with some little green men that in all realistic probability, given naturalism, do not even exist.
Isaiah 45:18-19 ?For thus says the Lord, who created the heavens, who is God, who formed the earth and made it, who established it, who did not create it in vain, who formed it to be inhabited: “I am the Lord, and there is no other. I have not spoken in secret, in a dark place of the earth; I did not say to the seed of Jacob, ‘seek me in vain’; I, the Lord speak righteousness, I declare things that are right.”
Of related note
Humanity is cosmically special. Here’s how we know. By Howard A. Smith - November 25 2016 Excerpt: The bottom line for extraterrestrial intelligence is that it is probably rarer than previously imagined, a conclusion called the misanthropic principle. For all intents and purposes, we could be alone in our cosmic neighborhood, and if we expand the volume of our search we will have to wait even longer to find out. Life might be common in the very distant universe — or it might not be — and we are unlikely to know. We are probably rare — and it seems likely we will be alone for eons. This is the second piece of new evidence that we are not ordinary. Some of my colleagues strongly reject this notion. They would echo Hawking: “I can’t believe the whole universe exists for our benefit.” Yes, we all have beliefs — but beliefs are not proof. Hawking’s belief presumes that we are nothing but ordinary, a “chemical scum.” All the observations so far, however, are consistent with the idea that humanity is not mediocre at all and that we won’t know otherwise for a long time. It seems we might even serve some cosmic role. So this season let us be grateful for the amazing gifts of life and awareness, and acknowledge the compelling evidence to date that humanity and our home planet, Earth, are rare and cosmically precious. And may we act accordingly. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/humanity-is-cosmically-special-heres-how-we-know/2016/11/25/cd327520-b0cc-11e6-8616-52b15787add0_story.html
@11, the 1947 Kenneth Arnold sighting case analysis link should be http://www.martinshough.com/aerialphenomena/Arnold%20analysis2.pdf . doubter
Thank you, Doubter ET
The Vedas- the Vedic literature of India- speaks of the science of aeronautics. They, the people of India, don't have any doubt that we have already been visited. Either that is true, we have been so visited, or the ancient authors had great imaginations. As I have said, with an Intelligently Designed universe, I would expect other intelligent inhabitants. ET
They may already be here. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that, if an alien intelligence had the science and technology to traverse interstellar distances, they are able to cloak their ships against our relatively primitive sensors or that they are able to disguise themselves to look like us or send in androids that can move among us undetected at least for a while. They could camouflage a ship to look like an asteroid and park it in the asteroid belt. They could even build ships by hollowing out large asteroids and making the interior habitable and fitting it with some sort of propulsion and other necessary technology. That would save a lot of energy normally required to lift a ship constructed on a planet out of the planet's gravity well. The possibilities are endless. Seversky
The extraterrestrial hypothesis remains very plausible as the explanation for the major category of UFO-related phenomena, vehicle sightings especially with optical media, radar and EMI interaction. Some of the theoretical arguments against the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) for UFOs are that there is zero knowledge of other life much less other intelligent life, if it actually exists it is apparently impossible for it to get here, the apparent ridiculousness and absurdity of some of the phenomena (such as alien abductions, many UFOnaut encounter accounts, brilliant “advertising” lights), the supposed parapsychological connection, and the supposed similarities with historical accounts of things like faery sightings. But as far as I am concerned real data, evidence, always trumps theory. These following cases and many others of the same sort were real events in the world, in space-time, occurring to real people that presented as described. Their testimony and other evidence can’t reasonably be dismissed just because they appear fantastic or theoretically preposterous. Especially with good observers like pilots and police officers (sometimes multiple) whose testimony would otherwise be accepted in a court of law. The burden is on the skeptic to credibly demonstrate how these cases are actually misperceptions, hallucinations, errors, hoaxes, useless anecdotes, etc. And on the skeptic of the ETH to come up with a more credible general explanation for the many cases of physical interaction with physical apparent vehicles. Some people have observed strange apparently structured material objects in the atmosphere that give the strong impression of being vehicles, somebody else's hardware. The best cases stand on their own merits as evidence that on some rare occasions what seem to be alien vehicles appear to humans, sometimes producing physical effects including radar returns, radio interference, ground traces and leaving images preserved on photographic film or electronic media. For a detailed summary scientific review and analysis of the various types of physical evidence related to UFOs, there was the Sturrock panel report, see https://ufoscoop.com/physical-evidence-related-to-ufos/. The relatively recent (in 2004 and 2015) sightings and radar trackings of small UFOs shadowing US Navy carrier battle groups, featuring multiple pilot and ship radar reports and HUD video display recordings amount to some of the best data. Some of these HUD videos were released by the Defense Department a few months ago. Just a sampling of some of the better older data: – The 1947 Kenneth Arnold sighting Except for the WWII “foo fighters”, this begins the modern era of UFOs. A good analysis is athttp://www.martinshough.com/aerialphenomena/Arnold%20analysis2.pdf . There do not seem to be any valid optical, geometric, geographical, psychological or other reasons to doubt the major features of Arnold’s sighting as reported and they are internally consistent. The analysis results in a range of 16-20 miles, a minimum length of 70-90 feet, and a speed of 890 to 1200 mph. Arnold described the objects as trimmed-off in the rear thin shiny “saucer-like” discoids reflecting sunlight blindingly like metal at certain angles. – The Chiles-Whitted Case – Montgomery, Alabama, United States – July 24, 1948 – The Nash-Fortenberry Sighting (aircraft encounter with formation of UFOs) – Virginia, United States – July 14, 1952 – The RB-47 UFO Encounter – Gulf Coast Area, United States – July 17, 1957 – Socorro / Zamora UFO Incident – Socorro, New Mexico, United States – April 24, 1964 – Coyne Helicopter Incident – Mansfield, Ohio, United States – October 18, 1973 – “Dogfight over Tehran”, the 1976 Iranian Air Force Incident, a multiple pilot/ground/radar/visual/EMI signal case. Details at http://www.nicap.org/760919tehran_dir.htm . – The Cash-Landrum Case – Huffman, Texas, United States – December 29, 1980 – Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 Over Alaska – Alaska, United States – November 17, 1986 – Belgium Triangle UFO Sightings – Belgium – October, 1989 – Illinois Triangle UFO Sighting (by multiple police officers) – Illinois, United States – January 5, 2000 The 1999 French Cometa committee report, summarized at https://www.ufocasebook.com/cometamain.html . This was an in-depth study of UFOs, covering many aspects of the subject, especially questions of national defense. The study was done over several years by an independent group at the Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defense, or IHEDN, and by other qualified experts from various fields. They took the extraterrestrial hypothesis very seriously when considering the many of the best French cases. For an exhaustive analysis of electromagnetic effects generated by UFOs, see Fifty-Six Aircraft Pilot Sightings Involving E-M Effects – Haines (1992), at http://www.nicap.org/papers/92apsiee.htm . My view is that this phenomenon is complicated, being composed of several different types of phenomena of fundamentally different natures that interact in various ways. Other explanations than the ETH, some involving paranormal phenomena, subconscious influences of the Zeitgeist, extra-dimensional or time travelling aliens, etc. etc. may possibly apply to other subcategories of UFO-related experiences including alien abductions. I think both the modern “zeitgeist” and accounts of real physical alien vehicle encounters could stimulate subconsciously generated fantasies like alien abductions and subconsciously generated fantastic or apparently ridiculous “occupant” encounters (like the Betty and Barney Hill case). The phenomenon is probably composed of many different components and levels. So as to the question of which potential explanation is the real nature of the UFO phenomenon, it is probable that the question is simplistic and that the answer is “all of the above”. One thing is sure: at least one type of UFOs, the ones focused on here, are somebody else's hardware. And that somebody else isn't from our planetary system. doubter
Nope. Maybe I will see if the library network haz it ET
ET, PS, have you read Communion by Whitley Strieber? I read it many years ago and should revisit it. At the time, I thought it was quite compelling. daveS
Or you just don't know what to look for. ET
ET, Thanks. If there are extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth, they certainly are good at concealing themselves from (almost) all of us. Edit: I just saw the link you posted. These pictures take me back to when I was a kid reading about alleged UFO sightings. It is strange how many of these old photos look more or less like a hubcap someone tossed into the air. :P daveS
Roswell, NM- 1947. You have to be daft to think that trained military personnel didn't know the difference between a weather balloon and something they never saw before. Gordon Cooper- NASA astronaut said he saw a flying craft that wasn't from earth. Governments around the world have opened their UFO files. Read them ufo evidence ET
There is overwhelming and growing evidence that the Earth is the only place in the Universe that is capable of supporting advanced life. There are hundreds of fine-tuning design requirements for any form of life, and hundreds more for advanced intelligent life. These are documented in books like “Rare Earth” and “Improbable Planet” and places like here: https://reasons.org/explore/publications/tnrtb/read/tnrtb/2010/11/16/rtb-design-compendium-2009 Each of the documented requirements individually is prohibitively unlikely to happen by chance. Taken together, the obstacles they present require a staggering amount of power and a designing intelligence far higher than human level to overcome. In fact, the current evidence indicates that the entire Universe was configured to focus on constructing a uniquely habitable planet (Earth) within a unique stellar habitable zone (Solar System) that itself exists within a uniquely life-supportive galaxy (Milky Way) within a uniquely life supportive galactic cluster (Local Group) within a uniquely life-supportive galactic super-cluster (Laniakea). You can ignore the evidence if you like, but if you do, you will constantly be surprised by new discoveries that are added to the fine-tuning requirements list, and you will constantly be disappointed by failures in fantasy operations like SETI and space colonization. You will also make less than optimal decisions regarding your purpose in life. MikeW
ET, Care to share any names or links? daveS
How do you know they are not here? There are plenty of people who say otherwise. ET
If intelligent life exists, lack of evidence does not prove lack of existence. There is no evidence of their existence and any theory must be based on what is known; rather than what some may want to believe despite the evidence. It is a big galaxy and an even bigger universe. Just because there are no signals doesn't mean they aren't out there. It's a valid hypothesis that should be left to science-fiction writers to delve into. We should be colonizing based on nothing more than Earth has had multiple extinction level events and it would be nice to have colonized other planets before the next one arrives. BobRyan
90% of national presidents, 90% of governors in US, 100% of Public Death Officers, and 100% of mayors are berserk. They're imprisoning, starving and killing their own people for PLEASURE. Maybe they're not aliens from another planet, but they're distinctly alien to normal humanity. polistra

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