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FYI-FTR: JS, “sock[puppet]” troll persona — the unmasking (by Ab at a notorious objector site)


Over the past several days, JS has been self-unmasked as a troll at a notorious anti-UD forum site.  As a public service, to demonstrate the tactics and mentality we are up against, I now headline an exchange with a likely second “sock[puppet]” that popped up to try to project accusations:

MK, 139: >>I have gone back and read through many, although not all, of JSmith’s comments. Although I disagree with many of his views, I don’t see anything that would warrant the venom and viscous [sic] accusations that you are tossing his way . . .  [–> note, this is a claimed school-marm]>>

Here we see the tag team backup in the form of what is very likely a concern troll, given what was also released. It is especially significant that the pose taken was “If any of my students treated another student the way you treat JSmith, I would be trotting you down to the principal’s office.”

Sure, but a wise teacher would also notice facts before marching students off to the Principal’s Office. (And, the refusal to reckon with readily accessible facts two link-clicks away is a tell-tale that something is not right here.)

I responded:

KF, 150: >>MarthaK: Kindly note, I draw to “your” attention what was already linked from 133 above and was exposed here (and what is to be found onward HERE at a well known attack site by one of its denizens) — already credible reason for banning for cause; at this point JS is now here in a context where he is a known, declared throwaway persona of a troll who claims to have multiple further identities. In short, we have in hand a direct declaration or confession. Frankly, given his statement, I have to be concerned that “you” may be yet another persona. That is how tainting the underlying behaviour is. And no, I am not about to go into a thread-jacked tangential exchange. What A b stated in that context speaks clearly, decisively and to the utter discredit of JS. Where, before closing, I should warn that yet another tactic we have seen is the sudden withdrawal of a persona, with a claim made by other personas or confederates of “censorship” without due cause. I trust this will be clear enough if you are a genuinely separate person, and in any case it is a statement of truth for record, so that the truth will be known to all who need it. There is a REASON why JS can be held to be an acknowledged “sock[puppet]” of a notorious troll who has been banned here for cause multiple times, and therefore has zero personal credibility. There is reason to see that there are likely others here at this time. There is reason to hold that others may pop up, including those of the so-called “concern troll” variety. As at now, JS is to be understood as a typical representative of the talking points, rhetorical agenda and self-admitted manipulative tactics of those from the penumbra of animus-driven attack sites. Where, just in case there is something going on at the slightly less disreputable front site, The Skeptical Zone, that too must be included despite the fact that it also has a number of decent people involved. KF

PS: I excerpt from the linked post, the specific confession of A b:

It is so much fun getting him [KF] wound up. Unfortunately, it usually ends up in me burning a sock. But I have several in the works that KF hasn’t figured out yet.

PPS: In this comment is excerpted an assertion that I closed off comments in a thread “He pulled a classic KF and closed out commenting when the comments got too rational” and that “That would make him a True Creationist (in a cheap ID kilt).” In fact, JS twice in rapid succession resorted to acrostics for notorious obscenities. I snipped them and on grounds that I have neither time nor energy to police a thread for such, closed it. Comment is a privilege on good behaviour. And no, this is not an excuse for onward threadjacking tangential behaviour.>>

This is for information and record. If one wishes to discuss, there is already a thread in progress that has been running. END