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He said it: Can you pronounce “creatheism” right?


Thank God for Evolution: How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our WorldIf so, maybe you are a Christian Darwinist and didn’t know it.

Michael Dowd, impresario of the thirty-three ring circus around Christian Darwinism, describes his own position as “creatheism”:

CREATHEISM: a concept introduced in the early 21st century, grounded in an empirical understanding of the nested emergent nature of divine creativity. For creatheists “God” is a holy name for Ultimate Reality—the all-encompassing Wholeness—that which includes yet transcends all other realities. Creatheism regards Nature as a revelation or expression of the divine, particularly in its emergent creativity. Creatheism understands humanity as a self-reflective aspect of Creation that allows the Wholeness of Reality, seen and unseen, manifest and unmanifest—i.e., God—to be honored in conscious awareness and to guide our own deliberate manifestations of that divine creativity.

What does all this mean exactly? He explains:

I’m a creathist (cree-uh-THEIST), and my wife, well, she’s a creatheist (cre-ATHEIST). We spell it the same way. We mean the same thing. We just pronounce it differently. This response always evokes smiles or laughter.- Michael Dowd, Thank GOD for EVOLUTION! (San Francisco/Tulsa: Council Oak Books, 2007). p. 134.

Mmm. And what does that tell you, really?

Sounds more like pantheism than true atheism to me. Barb
Here's a list of performers in the 33+ rings. Some names may surprise you. News
This response always evokes smiles or laughter. I'm pretty sure a roll of the eyes and a "whatever, pal" is in the running against the smiles and laughter. Again, I'd love to know why any christians thought it would be a good idea to take part in any project headed up by this yutz. nullasalus

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