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Why atheists will doubt Darwin ahead of Biologos and American Scientific Affiliation


These days, one keeps running into materialist atheists who doubt Darwin on one or another dimension.

Reflecting on the growth of the ID Facebook site run by agnostics (and at least one atheist), which is now at 443 members, one realizes: It’s comparatively easy to be an atheist, even a materialist atheist, and think that Darwin’s loyalists have more of a cause than a case. Nothing in particular is lost. Darwin was convenient when credible.

Of course, if an atheist is, in addition, a Darwin loyalist, it would be a wrench. But many non-loyalists have made the wrench.

What’s not easy is to be a theistic evolutionist and have lingering doubts about Darwin. One’s entire unique claim is lost. Does that help explain the behaviour of Biologos and the current ASA?

Something must.

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