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    Apollos says:

    Here is a not-too-terrible Google web page translation:after-darwin

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    Apollos says:

    An interesting tidbit in the profile pane of the blogger:

    I learned in the university that when a scientific theory is not supported by the evidences, it must be reviewed or simply discarded. I am after-Darwin already anticipating me to an imminent and eminent paradigmática rupture in evolutiva biology. The Darwin arrived the hour to say good bye.

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    Although English is not my mother tongue, here is a fair English translation of my profile:

    Why am I a “post-Darwinist’? Because I was a card-carrying evolutionist. Now I am an skeptical of macro-evolutionary theory as a scientific truth.

    However, my skepticism of the Darwinian “central dogma” is not based on sacred texts accounts of creation. It was the serious taking into consideration of the debate that is going on intramural and in the scientific publications for many years about the epistemic insufficiency of the general theory of evolution.

    I was an atheist, marxist-leninist, but today I don’t have blind faith in atheism. I also do not believe anymore in the literal interpretation of ‘a priori’ accepted Darwin’s dogmas that are ideologically defended tooth and nail by the Scientific Nomenklatura, but it was Science that gave me this conviction.

    I have learned in the university that when a scientific theory is not supported by the evidence, it must be revised or simply discarded. I am already a post-Darwinist antecipating an imminent and eminent paradigmatic rupture in evolutive biology.

    The hour to bid Darwin good bye has arrived.

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    MaxAug says:

    Ill just say this: We need GOOD books here in Brazil, translations.

    Most people i know that is not an atheist is favorable to ID (if not a IDer/creationist without knowing it).

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    MatthewTan says:

    Welcome to the ID family.

    All it takes to demolish Darwinism is a tiny little bacterial cell.

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    MaxAug: We are working on some translations, and hope to have these ID books available in Portuguese/Brazil pretty soon.

    MatthewTan: The tiny little bacteria cells are spreading fast all over Brazilian campi.

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    Michaels7 says:


    thanks for translation. it is an interesting look that someone raised both on political and scientific materialist positions has looked scientifically at evidence and changed their minds afterwards.

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    mike1962 says:

    “A new scientific truth does not establish itself by its enemies being convinced and expressing their change of opinion, but rather by its enemies gradually dying out and the younger generation being taught the truth from the beginning.” –Max Planck

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