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Yanks: Come on in, the water’s fine …

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In “Professors group accused of anti-religious bullying”, Charles Lewis reports (National Post, Feb. 8, 2011) on the underbelly of the Canadian Union of University Teachers:

A group of academics has launched a campaign defending Canadian Christian universities against what it terms anti-religious bullying by the country’s leading university teachers’ federation.”What we have here is an academic union ganging up on these smaller Christian universities, and I thought it was high time that people from the public universities take a stand,” said Paul Allen, an associate professor of theology at Concordia University in Montreal.

The protest is a direct response to reports that the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) issued against Trinity Western University in British Columbia more than a year ago, Crandall University in New Brunswick in July and Winnipeg’s Canadian Mennonite University in October.

“It bothered me that this is anti-religious ideology masked as supposedly an academic freedom issue,” said Mr. Allen, who has started a petition to warn about CAUT’s actions. “This was an opportunity in the current [secular climate] to go after religion.”

The petition, which now has 140 signatures, said the investigations are unwarranted and invasive.

Mr. Allen and many others who signed the petition are members of CAUT, which has 65,000 members. Academics at the schools that were investigated are not members.

In each case the investigation concluded that true freedom was being denied to academics because of the requirement to sign a statement of Christian faith. CAUT believes that by agreeing to terms of Christian principles, academics will be hemmed in by a narrow set of doctrine. The association was also worried about the future employment of academics who might sign a document but later change their personal beliefs.

At Trinity Western, for example, teachers must acknowledge there is one God, the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and that Christ is God incarnate.

However, there were no complaints about any of the targeted schools before the probes were launched and none has made a secret of its requirements for hiring.

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Okay, you want to live in the world of the Darwinists and their Christian supporters, you’d better get ready for stuff like this.

Of course there were no complaints! But that doesn’t matter, you see.

If you sign up at a Christian U, you might have to – as is widely advertised – profess the faith and/or swear not to drink or live in sin. So? The people who attend the school want a certain moral and religious atmosphere, and if they contribute to academic life in the country, doing no one an injustice, whose business is that?

What about the universities that take money from pro life students in the form of student fees that go to student councils who wage war on those same students and get them arrested for professing their views? Not an injustice? Of course not, because non-materialists are second class citizens.

Well, Yanks, let me let you in on a little secret. This is coming to you.

The modern materialist professor typically professes no view that would see anything wrong with blatant discrimination against any non-materialist view. Now shut up and pay your taxes, or come in, the water’s fine; we are fighting back, and you can too.

But first, you must forget all that drivel about accommodation and dialogue. You may as well dialogue with a rattlesnake.

In canada the enemies of Christ and the freedom behind the proponents of Christ has been going on and gaining confidence. They mean to make illegal, immoral, and impossible Christian education and identity in christian schools formed for christian agendas. The freedom and the goal of christian schools trumps the job hopes of anybody. Simple equation. Are Christian schools legal in their designs and missions as Christian schools? This is surely a intent of hostilities not seen in centuries. Thanks for bringing attention to this. Robert Byers

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