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Biology program without the Darwin worship


Aimed, one guesses, at people who already have a religion or don’t think they need one. From a group of instructors at Wake Forest University:

BioBook Basic Edition and its linked resources are available free to everyone. Click on the Table of Contents tab to browse topics. Registered users must log in here or in the upper right corner of the screen to access their instructor’s customized edition and course tools. You will find them listed in the main menu. More.

A 40-part video lecture that accompanies the book will soon be available. Some are already available at YouTube.


Chapter 2.

We better not tell the “Pants in Knot for Darwin” folk. They may end up wearing their pants on their heads in protest, in a March for Science somewhere.

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It could be worse. They could have a "how did life begin" branch too. Oh Bob O'H
As, for example, the part of the BioBook entitled "Root: EDU-Evolution, Diversity and Unity of Life": https://adapaproject.org/bbk_temp/tiki-index.php?page=Root%3A+EDU-Evolution%2C+Diversity+and+Unity+of+Life&structure=BioBook+Summer+2014v2&page_ref_id=1895 Sure seems that somebody is wearing their pants on their head. timothya

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