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Deadline Today for Abstracts for AM-Nat Biology

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For those of you interested in the Alternatives to Methodological Naturalism series of online conferences, I thought I’d let you know that today is the last day you can submit an abstract for the conference.

The conference is online, so you can present from anywhere in the world (in fact, we already have submissions from around the world). Currently submitted topics include:

  • Discontinuity Systematics for Angiosperms
  • Evolutionary Teleonomy as a Unifying Concept for the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis
  • Measuring Active Information in Biological Systems
  • How Theistic Evolutionists can Foster even more Dialog
  • Alus as EPROM/RAM and LINE-1’s as means for Self Modifying DNA
  • Intelligently Designed “Errors”, Self-Destructive Designs, Rube Goldberg Machines
  • 82.5 Megabytes Does not a Human Make, 3D Biological Photocopiers, Other Mechanisms of Non-DNA Inheritance
  • Science and Method: An Anthropocentric Approach
  • Extremely Difficult Engineering Problems are Brilliantly Solved in Living Organisms
  • Exploring Design in the Standard Codon Table Utilizing Scientific and Theological Method
  • Biological Codes from an Information Processing Point of View

The deadline is today, but if you read this for the first time after the deadline, I’ll give you a bit of a grace period. We have plenty of talks, but I want to make sure everybody has the chance to participate who wants to.

Feel free to post questions below, and email your abstracts to info@blythinstitute.org with a subject of “Abstract Submission”.


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