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How little we know about T Rex!

File:Tyrannosaurus Rex Holotype.jpg
T. Rex, Carnegie/ScottRobertAnselmo

The iconic dinosaur, the best known in history:

The dinosaur’s evolutionary origins, for example, are still a mystery. Researchers are eagerly trying to determine how these kings of the Cretaceous period (which spanned from 145 million to 66 million years ago) arose from a line of tiny dinosaurs during the Jurassic period (201 million to 145 million years ago). There is also considerable debate about what T. rex was like as a juvenile, and whether palaeontologists have spent decades mistaking its young for a separate species. Even the basic appearance of T. rex is in dispute: many researchers argue that the giant was covered in fluff or fuzz rather than scales. And then there is the vexing question of why T. rex had such a massive head and legs but relatively puny arms.

Solution: Speculate less, dig more.

You won't fool the children of the revolution. No way! englishmaninistanbul
There are no such divisions like dinosaurs in nature. They were simply kinds of creatures possibly with minor likr traits no more relevant then other creatures in the world. T rex had small arms because he walked on them first. He ate plants. at the fall or soon after he was one type that had to kill its food. So instantly rose up on his n legs. In fact he is a relative of some that stayed on all fours. the head was for the kill. Otherwise he was too light to bring down anyone. He was just a twist on creatures and probably not that impressive. The analogy is the big kangaroos. Hes not a kangaroo but is like them a oversized type of a small one due to special area issues. Robert Byers
Sagebrush G - agreed, and why so many 'cavemen' drawings depict dinosaurs, which we are told, became extinct 10's of millions of years before mankind appeared. Usutu
For me, the big news about T Rex is the soft tissue found in a supposedly "70-million-year-old" fossil. sagebrush gardener

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