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Is human biology too complicated for humans to understand?

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Craig Mundie’s dream is to build an AI that rivals human intellect to tackle problems in health care. He hopes to be able to customize medicine for every person by building a virtual proxy for every person:

Jay Richards: What do you think will be the first tough problems that you think could be solved? A lot of people want to talk about unlimited life span and things like that. Are you thinking about discrete diseases, cancer, reduced mortality curve, something like that?

Craig Mundie: Well, I think the way I express it is, every person is different. The real question is, can we improve life outcomes for every individual in an economical way? If you do that, then I think you’ve helped everything, no matter what. I don’t have to measure it by achieving any one thing.

[In the nearer term, he hopes to build a “ proteomic-based proxy for human biology, or the state of any person”:]

Craig Mundie: … and that is now clearly possible. That has just happened in the last year or so. Then, I think we can do all kinds of optimizations using that thing as our simulation engine. That’ll allow us to do drug discovery. It’ll allow us to understand disease as more than problems in any one organ, but the interconnectedness of these things in the human system. From that, I think we’ll be able to improve health care, even as we know it today, and hopefully move us down the path to being able to customize it for every person.

News, “Top tech analyst: Human biology is too complicated for humans” at Mind Matters News

It’s almost like he is asking for biology to play tricks on him…

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