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New Brit video examines biology after Darwin


There’s lots going on in Britain that isn’t covered by Times Higher. Look at this item, flagged by a kind reader, from IAI: Philosophy for Our Times:

After Darwin: Evolution beyond the selfish gene

The brutal mechanism of natural selection gave rise to all life on our planet, or so the Darwinian story goes. But from mice to great whales, it now appears that animals can inherit socially acquired characteristics. And after a century of hype, the tools to build a brave new world through intelligent design are within our grasp. Is the theory of natural selection a Victorian relic, about to be replaced by a new science of cultural evolution? Or does the promised paradigm shift provide no real challenge to Darwin’s theory?

The Panel

Philosophers of science Massimo Pigliucci, author of Cultural Evolution Tim Lewens, and psychologist and primatologist Zanna Clay ask if there is more to evolution than we might think. David Malone hosts:

It’s not clear how to embed the vid so you will have to go to their site to see it.

See also: At Times Higher: Is Defending Expertise Worthwhile These Days? Taking issue: Persecution stories are only a small part of the picture. The insistence that anyone be allowed to have whatever they are doing, saying, or thinking regarded as science in order to do justice to wronged groups doesn’t generally arise from scientists who are on the outs with their colleagues about an ingroup issue like Vit C injections or HPV vaccines. It arises from a social justice demand that the professional and academic spoils of science be shared among a host of new claimants, making a variety of claims.

@1 PeterA said: "Interesting video shows that some ribosomal proteins may have more specialized roles than it was thought. " Thought by who? By evolutionists? Why was it they "thought" these proteins were not very specialized? It's because their paradigm leads them to expect simplicity as opposed to complexity, but time and time again their logical deduction that comes from their worldview has proven to be wrong. Theory has mislead us for long enough now. tjguy
@2 PeterA
The question is how was that choreography established to begin with?
"Oh, wait, it happened". "It is adaptive and helped survival and reproduction." "It is not adaptive and did not help survival and reproduction (a byproduct?). Evolution, a.k.a. the "Theory of Everything ". Everything is explained or explained away. Truthfreedom
this video presentation shows the interesting molecular/cellular choreographies that take place in the development of a relatively simple biological system: Part 1: https://youtu.be/s1WDjVGdf3Y Part 2: https://youtu.be/K1cRq_BzJWo Note how answering questions raises new ones. the more we know, more we have to learn but the revealed information definitely points to a designed system One question is how was that choreography established to begin with? That’s another discussion... PeterA
Interesting video shows that some ribosomal proteins may have more specialized roles than it was thought. https://youtu.be/0pYJp95TczI PeterA

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