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Alife XI Conference Videos


Videos of Kauffman in ALife XI,
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Parts 2 and 3

All right, this is off topic but I had to give a heads up. Over at the Onion. Evolutionists Flock To Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain Jehu
I thought only reductionist physicists believed in a ToE. Energy crisis, religion, science, intelligence. Everything is reducible to self-organizational principles. Will the real reductionist please stand up? tragicmishap
Thanks DaveScot, I see a number of intriguing things in these videos. 1 - Kauffman does a fairly good job of describing the mystery that exists in biology. 2 - I have spent some energy puzzling about fish bladders. The current theory, the theory he suggests, for how fish bladders arose is that they developed out of lung fish. However, I believe that salmon, and salmonoids such as trout have fish bladders. How did these fish get fish bladders if fish bladders are lungs. This hypothesis seems ludicrous to me. 3 - Kauffman suggests that we worship the creativity of nature, but that we don't recognize thiis creativity as "God". In this he does a few things -- he brings the biological sciences way into the realm of religion, and he maintains his status with the community as a secularist. bFast

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