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Biomimetics reveals the design in nature, says engineer

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Here, Mark Biedebach,

Nature: Evolved or Intelligently Designed?

As an engineer with a PhD in biophysics and a researching neurophysiologist, I could never escape the impression that there are a large number of living organisms that appear to exhibit engineering design. Therefore, I was happy to contribute an article expanding on the recent imitation of sunflower design (a Fermat spiral) by MIT researchers seeking a better arrangement for mirrors in solar power stations. In this case, the researchers looked for help in their intelligent design from nature–so could it be that nature itself was intelligently designed? Or is, as Richard Dawkins claims, the design really only “apparent?”

Let’s consider a few examples.


From AITSE, dedicated to bunk-free science.

A Fibonacci series of mirrors out near Barstow or at the junction of US 395 and CA 58 (part of Edwards AFB, I believe) would look a lot more pleasing than what's currently there. With the mirage effect it would look more like a natural lake than a very large swimming pool from a distance. Then the Darwinists wouldn't be able to tell the difference. It's artistry won't be "apparent," except for it's odd location in the middle of a desert where even the rivers are dry. Is there some hidden irony there somewhere? CannuckianYankee
... sarcastic blighter! Axel
"- so could it be that nature itself was intelligently designed?" Nah... too far-fetched. Richie got it right. It's all smoke and mirrors. Just kinda looks designed. Tricky blighter that random chance. "To design such a lens today, an optical engineer would have to apply Fermat’s principle, Abbe’s sine law, Snell’s laws of refraction and the optics of birefringent crystals. Is this an example of an unguided evolutionary process or an example of engineering design? Think about it and decide for yourself." Loved that brief concluding sentence! Doh.. Axel

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