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Darwin’s Doubt: “I would love it if there was no controversy”

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Darwin's Doubt Further to “Apparently, some people are reading Steve Meyer’s book, Darwin’s Doubt, on the Cambrian explosion,” reader Timothy Capp writes,

I loved that book. I would love it if there was no controversy. It make me feel the wonder of science again I felt as a kid. Somewhere, science had it’s soul drained out of it. I bet kids today don’t even think about it, about dinosaurs, and rocket ships. When I was little, I would dig up chicken bones (I had carefully buried in the back yard) and wrap them in cloth strips, like they were great scientific finds. Strange? Probably. But it does show that something had captured my imagination.

Others have had the same reaction to the book. It amounts to seeing science as asking questions about the world instead of developing materialist answers to impose on it (whether they fit or not).

Luckily, some kids of all ages are still thinking about dinosaurs and rocket ships. Happy New Year.

Note:  Darwin’s Doubt is still #1 in Books > Science & Math > Biological Sciences > Paleontology

You're making me want to pick up a copy now... AveryM

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