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Of thirteen social psych studies, guess which two could not be replicated?

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Readers will recall that there has been a recent drive to do replication studies, to sort out the wheat from the chaff in social psychology (because the field was beginning to lose credibility). An international team reports that of 13 chosen published studies, they were able to replicate ten.

Guess which two flunked?:

Of the 13 effects under scrutiny in the latest investigation, one was only weakly supported, and two were not replicated at all. Both irreproducible effects involved social priming. In one of these, people had increased their endorsement of a current social system [free market] after being exposed to money. In the other, Americans had espoused more-conservative values after seeing a US flag.

Do these two studies possibly have something in common? (whistle, whistle)

Meanwhile, this just flapped across the desk: Is peer review systemically misogynist? (Answer: If it is, it deserves congratulation for finally being systematic about something. 😉 )

Hat tip: Five Feet of Fury

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