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Darwin’s Doubt: Meyer not shy about admitting the best arguments contrary to his own – reviewer


In short, he doesn’t waste your time.

Darwin's Doubt At Goodreads:

What I most admire about Meyer’s writing is that he is not shy about admitting what the best arguments are that are contrary to his own. He, furthermore, makes sure to give those arguments extra space in his work. Some academics like to go for “easy” targets and address the most extreme or absurd theories against their own. Stephen Meyer does the opposite, spending little time on those theories that have fallen out of favor by most scientists, and takes time to acknowledge and dissect the strongest counter-theories.

Even if one is not sympathetic to intelligent design, Darwin’s Doubt is a valuable read for a look at the current research and theories regarding the origins of Cambrian body forms including discussions on epigenetics and new alternative theories to the traditional neo-Darwinian model.

Meyer really wants to confront the Cambrian problem, so long shelved, shuffled, or spun.

If you doubted whether an honest discussion of the Cambrian would help the ID community, read the pedestrian I-can’t-believe-people-are-still-allowed-to-raise-these-issues hostile reviews of Darwin’s Doubt.

Darwin could afford doubts. His followers can’t.

Does that mean they’ll lose? No, but you will if you depend on them for insight into origins.

There are people like that all over the world, holding research and discussion back in many areas, holding our right to know anything at all hostage to their agenda. And that’s not a power they took, it is a power we have given them.

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