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Vid: View Darwin’s Dilemma online free

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Darwin's Dilemma

The beautiful little film about why the Cambrian explosion is a problem for Darwinism, here.

Also view The Privileged Planet free – another beautiful, controversial little pic, about why the late, revered Carl Sagan should have known he was “not being truthful” about Earth being just yer average planet.

many are, cf, RH stack of thumbnails. kairosfocus
Darwin's Dilemma was in English but some of the others weren't. I was looking forward to watching it. Unfortunately the video wouldn't buffer properly for me, and kept starting and stopping, and if I paused to let it buffer, it would eventually stop playing at all. If you have a reasonably fast connection, it should play just fine. Mission.Impossible
Would be even better if they were in English... well, for us Englishers. NZer

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