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Gray Lady down: Britain’s Daily Mail Web site outpaces New York Times’?

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So says the BBC.

In “How the Daily Mail stormed the US” (January 27, 2012) , Brian Wheeler tells us,

The Daily Mail has overtaken the New York Times to become the world’s most visited newspaper website, according to online tracking service Comscore. The biggest increase in readers has been in the US – so how did this very British institution do it?

A number of factors are cited. Blogger friends say that key ones have been missed, one being that the Mail doesn’t try very hard to be politically correct.

Some laughed when UD News noted that New York Times was in trouble. A puzzle, really, because that is common knowledge in many places. The Times is written for people who – in its editors’ view – are superior to the people who might actually be its potential readers. The worldview is carefully managed to avoid asking the questions only inferior individuals would ask.

The new media landscape will be full of upsets like this, and an obvious question around here is how will that affect ID. We think that a medium that takes the growing number and types of criticism of schoolbook Darwinism seriously – and utterly ignores the salaried outrage that is sure to follow – will see a spike in science column readership. But we can safely predict that it won’t be tried at the Times.

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Hat tip: Five Feet of Fury

7 Replies to “Gray Lady down: Britain’s Daily Mail Web site outpaces New York Times’?

  1. 1

    the Mail doesn’t try very hard to be politically correct

  2. 2
    Barb says:

    That’s why it’s called the Daily Fail.

  3. 3
    Axel says:

    There was an article in today’s Daily Mail, headed, Evolution does not mean that there isn’t a God, says Attenborough. He had been speaking on the radio programme, Desert Island Discs.

    Since he is one of the leading TV naturalists, it was good to read. I would expect more people with a high profile to be voicing similar demurrals re atheism from now on.

    Is it my imagination or has this last week been uniquely exciting?

    In economic matters, The Mail knows it has to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, or it won’t sell when the effects of the right-wing’s endemic malfeasance hit them hard.

    But it is much, much closer to the general public’s thinking in its stance on and support of mainstream Christian values. Barring the Second Commandment, of course, when it means putting their hand in their pocket.

    Another attraction, particularly, I should think, in the US, and often the bane of GPs here, is its articles on health and medical break-throughs; which offer much-appreciated hope to many, although the delay before they become available is not so encouraging.

  4. 4
    News says:

    Ah yes! An aging population is much more interested in medical breakthroughs than some media outlets might expect. Some of us just think that the Mail is – in some respects – ahead of a curve others have fallen behind.

  5. 5
    Axel says:

    The Mail also published an article on the findings of the Italian professor, to the effect that the Shroud of Turin could not have been faked, but, rather, must have resulted from a sharp burst of an intense radiation beyond the speed of light we observe in space-time.

    Come election time, we may need a very long spoon, but in the meantime, they seem to be a valuable ally. Not that I can even submit a Letter!

  6. 6
    Jon Garvey says:

    I was a GP, and it was a bane. More time spent explaining why a Daily Mail article was misleading than actually sorting the problem.

    It is however, more of a comic for grown-ups than, say, the Sun.

  7. 7
    Axel says:

    Well, I think the Mirror now is an actual comic, Johann.

    And how about this in the Guardian of all papers:

    One of those articles that lights the ‘blue touch paper’ among the raging adolescent Kevins. Hell hath no fury like an incandescent, iconoclastic Kevin. I know. I was that soldier.

    PS: Why do I always want to put a question mark after my CAPTCHA reply? You are absolutely forbidden to reply.

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