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Texas Governor Rick Perry Compares Pianka’s Views to Hitler’s

The Gazette-Enterprise The very same day TAS declared its stance, Kathy Walt, press secretary for Gov. Rick Perry, expressed disdain over what Pianka calls his “doomsday talk.” Walt called the scientist’s viewpoints “abhorrent” and likened them to Hitler’s “hate-filled Third Reich.” While some have described Pianka’s words as hyperbole, the governor’s office’s distaste was plainspoken. […]


The Hate-Monger of the Gaps

[From a colleague:] The problem is that methodological naturalism prevents us from detecting a “hate” crime, since “hate” is an immaterial property had by agents that can only be inferred from behavior, speech, etc. Other minds cannot be observed, just inferred by analogy, like the traditional argument from design. Because it is always possible that […]

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Confidence in the solvability of currently unsolved scientific problems

[From a philosopher colleague:] I am visiting Harvard, and I was reading the conservative student paper here, and came across an interesting quote from from Richard Wrangham, a biologist, on the gaps in science that Intelligent Design theorists point to: “Given that everything we know about science gives us confidence that these details either have […]