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A Reply to Mark Frank

Carlos, Mark Frank, and I were discussing design detection over at Alan Fox’s blog, Languedoc Diary, last week when a mountain of work I had allowed to pile up forced me to take a short blogging sabbatical. Well, I’m back (for the moment at least), and I thought I’d post my response to Mark’s last […]

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Clearly it’s Time to Revisit ID’s ‘Explanatory Filter’, even if Barbara Forrest Doesn’t Think So …

Casey Luskin has posted an interesting response (part II) to Barbara Forrest’s Kitzmiller Account, Here he addresses Dr. Forrest’s usage of quotations from ID proponents: As is typical in the Evo camp, Dr. Forrest attempts to make the usual conflation of ID and religion by quoting Phillip Johnson and William Dembski. Many cite Johnson […]

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Pope Benedict XVI has replaced an evangelizing Darwinist, Dr. George Coyne

Vatican Astronomer Replaced by Bruce Chapman Chapman writes: Pope Benedict XVI has replaced an evangelizing Darwinist, Dr. George Coyne, as director the Vatican Observatory, according to Zenit News. A Jesuit with a doctorate in astronomy, Dr. Coyne in recent years made himself the public scourge of Darwin critics and scientific proponents of intelligent design. Increasingly […]

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Shermer critiqued over his recent piece in SCIAM on confirmation bias

Graeme Hunter (a philosophy professor at the University of Ottawa examines Michael Shermer’s recent piece on confirmation bias published in Scientific American: . . . Shermer tells us – or rather science does and Shermer is only its messenger – that opinionated people actually suffer from what is called a “confirmation bias”, which Shermer defines […]

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New Counter-Culture ID-Friendly Magazine

Check out SALVO: It’s hard-hitting and in-your-face without being ponderous. I love the “fake” ads, like The Center for Human Enhancement’s ad that features a stylized human head with the caption “be perfect” and the recommendation to “visit” Denyse O’Leary as well as other allies have pieces in the premier issue (autumn 2006), […]

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Dean of Harvard Medical School endorses pro-ID book, medical professors revolt against Darwin

In addition to the engineers, physicists, chemists, and mathematicians who dissent from Darwin, anywhere from 33% to 60% of medical doctors dissent from Darwin (see Nearly Two-Thirds of Doctors Skeptical of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, HCD Research Poll, also check out PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS WHO DISSENT FROM DARWINISM). Pro-ID sympathies are reflected by the fact […]

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Texas Governor Rick Perry Compares Pianka’s Views to Hitler’s

The Gazette-Enterprise The very same day TAS declared its stance, Kathy Walt, press secretary for Gov. Rick Perry, expressed disdain over what Pianka calls his “doomsday talk.” Walt called the scientist’s viewpoints “abhorrent” and likened them to Hitler’s “hate-filled Third Reich.” While some have described Pianka’s words as hyperbole, the governor’s office’s distaste was plainspoken. […]