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From Frontiers Science News: Neanderthals cooked and ate crabs too

Well, that’d never do. We are all expected to be slack-jawed in amazement when what we might have expected - that is, if we didn’t buy into that Darwinian Ascent of Man stuff - turns out to be true. We are paying more for Darwinism than we might sometimes think. Read More ›

At Smithsonian Magazine: Neanderthals hunted and butchered massive elephants

"...yet another piece of evidence to suggest that humans’ closest ancient relatives were more sophisticated and skilled than the brutish oafs popular culture has made them out to be.” Just a minute here. Popular culture did NOT get that idea from thin air. It was carefully inculcated by science popularizers because it tied in with Darwinian Ascent of Man stuff. If it’s not true, let’s be honest about how the correct information affects the establishment science narrative. Read More ›

Mystery: Modern humans lived in a cave in France 10,000 years earlier than thought — then vanished

At Nature: A study published on 9 February in Science Advances argues that distinctive stone tools and a lone child’s tooth were left by Homo sapiens during a short stay, some 54,000 years ago — and not by Neanderthals, who lived in the rock shelter for thousands of years before and after that time. Read More ›

Why is it claimed that the Neanderthals were “not fully human”?

In a Smithsonian Magazine yearender offering seven new things we are thought to have learned about human evolution in 2021, we read: Modern humans, Homo sapiens, evolved in Africa and eventually made it to every corner of the world. That is not news. However, we are still understanding how and when the earliest human migrations occurred. We also know that our ancestors interacted with other species of humans at the time, including Neanderthals, based on genetic evidence of Neanderthal DNA in modern humans alive today—an average of 1.9 percent in Europeans. Remains of some of the earliest humans in Europe were described this year by multiple teams, except they were not fully human. All three of the earliest Homo sapiens Read More ›

Major Neanderthal cave discovery at Gibraltar

So far, no burial site has been found in the caves, and Finlayson speculated that digging down from the chamber at the apex of the cave could lead to side chambers and perhaps even a site where the Neanderthals placed their dead. Read More ›

A psychologist weighs in on the Neanderthal extinction

Of course, it's all very interesting. That is why we listen. But a dozen different theories are called "science" only out of courtesy. And it’s not clear that Coolidge and Overmann’s thirteenth theory (if that’s the count) is any improvement. Read More ›

Researchers: Early stone tool culture of Neanderthals and other humans lasted much longer than thought

Overlap between the two cultures for many thousands of years would make a lot of sense because the newer technologies may not have been self-evidently better. Many considerations of time, energy, and risk would need to be factored in. Read More ›