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Oxygen found in deep space

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Liquid oxygen is blue.
liquid oxygen/Warwick Hillier

This is a serious science story, not like this one.

From MSNBC, we learn: “Breathe easier: Oxygen molecules found in deep space: For first time, after nearly 230-year search, they turn up in region of Orion nebula.” Which solves a mystery:

“Oxygen is the third-most-common element in the universe and its molecular form must be abundant in space,” said Bill Danchi, Herschel program scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

So where is it?

Sorry, you were wanted in another story. Leave your phone number. A story like it will be back very soon, we are sure. - UD News

Well, it could be

actually locked up in water ice that coats tiny dust grains.

This story features no fact-free comments about the origin of life or space aliens. But UD News thinks it takes three in a row to make a trend.

Scientists doing science, rather than shoddy metahpysics? What is the world coming to! Ilion

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