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New introduction to intelligent design at YouTube


1: Introduction Part 1 (October 12, 2021), by John and Sandy Palmer

Part 1 begins with the basic concepts of Darwinian Evolution. Darwin’s theory related to heredity, but the science behind genetics was a mystery in his day. Darwin’s assumptions about heredity have proven to be mistaken.

Next: Part 2 introduces the foundational concepts of Intelligent Design. Evidence from molecular biology over the past 60 years completely upends Darwinism.

About the series as a whole:

In this series, we cover the most important topics of the Intelligent Design vs Evolution debate in six video sessions, each divided into two half hour segments.
1 – Introduction to Intelligent Design
2 – Recognizing Design
3 – Micro to Macro Evolution
4 – Darwinism’s Evidence
5 – Origin of Life
6 – Human Exceptionalism
7 – Review and Conclusion
We hope these videos can be used in Bible Studies, small groups, and Sunday School classes. They can be helpful for anyone interested in the creation / evolution controversy.

Group discussion questions for Part 1 are available here.

Excellent video! Focuses on Darwin's basic wrong assumptions in a way I haven't heard before. When Darwin extrapolated from artificial breeding to natural breeding, he inserted CHANGE into the formula without mentioning or justifying it. There was no reason to assume that the available varieties of pigeons were changing over time. Artificial breeders select from a predetermined menu. Survival, the natural breeder, would also have to select from the same pretermined menu of varieties, which shuts out the possibility of a new form. Changing conditions favor the survival of different items on the predetermined menu, and that's all. polistra

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