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Tour deals with the rhetorical tactics of a critic


HT Q, here is Dr Tour’s response to a critic’s rhetoric (with some addressing of substantial matters through interacting with an expert caught in the cross fire):

It is sad to see that this had to be dealt with.

As a point of reference, let us highlight first duties and principles of right reason, extending to those connected with the logic of cause and so too inductive reasoning — which includes inference to the best explanation (i.e. abduction).

I trust, this will be useful. END

PS, as the critic attacked Dr Tour personally as allegedly lying for Jesus (which does not seem to be warranted on the circumstances), it is relevant to add this on Dr Tour’s response to anti-Christian bias on matters of Science:

NB, Dr Tour discusses the Christian faith here.

Tour deals with the rhetorical tactics of a critic --> HT, Q kairosfocus

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