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Another blast from the past: Robert Sloan, former Baylor president, on the shutdown of an ID think tank at Baylor Baptist University in 2000


In 2011, he said this, in an interview with Marvin Olasky, May 7, 2011:

You created the Polanyi Center for the Study of Intelligent Design. That became controversial: Why? We brought a couple very fine scholars to be there, but immediately they encountered much opposition by the neo-Darwinians.

What objections were there to Intelligent Design at an ostensibly Christian university? I don’t think there was a good objection. Critics said you’re going to embarrass us professionally, everyone knows evolution is true, and who are these people but a bunch of seven-day creationists? The list went on. People threw up a thousand different issues. It is a shame that in academic life, which is supposed to be marked by open-ended inquiry, people-both left and right-are often dogmatic. Evolution was a dogma for some, almost like a religious faith that couldn’t be questioned.

What he wanted to do couldn’t be done: Make the Christian university a viable alternative to atheist materialist institutions, instead of a capitulator to them. In this or in any other field. And eventually, he was forced out.

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