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Further thoughts on Stephen Barr’s theistic Darwinism: Why should a “made by YHWH” tag in a cell be convincing?

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In “How TEs Are Like YECs or the Explanation of the Illusion is Itself an Illusion” (Uncommon Descent, May 9), Barry Arrington offers, for the sake of argument, an example of evidence for design in nature that would convince those who otherwise doubt:

Nor, by definition, can one rule Barr’s position out empirically short of finding the proverbial “made by YHWH” inscription on a cell.

I’m just not sure.

A Darwinist would say that the accidental tag explains why the illusion of design is so persistent in people’s minds … it is embedded in our cells, and it even creates delusions about God.

A theistic evolutionist would say that we can be sure the tag is an illusion because God would never do something so obvious as that. It would remove the need for faith!

From a Christian perspective, that’s a poser because there are a number of instances in the Scriptures of God doing things that remove the need for faith (by removing all legitimate doubt). One may or may not accept the witness of the Scriptures, but that is their witness, and a traditional Christian (or Jew) is expected to accept it.

When Darwinists and theistic Darwinists explain away something as obvious as design in nature, there is probably no line of evidence that would convince them.

It is not the content of the evidence that they attack but the idea of evidence – what it amounts to, what role it should play.

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Note: Don’t forget to sign the petition in favour of star neurosurgeon Ben Carson, dissed at Emory U for doubting Darwin. (Believing Darwin is far more important to some people than saving kids’ lives, and they sure have found a great way to demonstrate it. Help show the world that most Americans aren’t like that.)

Collin: So I guess that would be enough proof for him that aliens created the universe but not God.
What's the difference? At any rate, why does anyone care what die-hard atheists think or believe? Is anyone losing sleep over this? mike1962
Wow. That engineer would sure soon be hearing from the Man called Sue ... ;) News
I just finished reading the book "Contact" by atheist Carl Sagan. In the end (spoiler!) the main character finds that if you go sufficiently far in calculating PI you find a picture of a circle and this proves that intelligent aliens created the universe. So I guess that would be enough proof for him that aliens created the universe but not God. Go figure. But finding "Made by YHWH" would mean that there is english writing in roman numerals (or would it be in herbrew?). In any case, that would be an astounding miracle that would convince a lot of people. Many atheists have said that to get them to believe they would have to see some message in the stars or something. They would have to eat their words. I am more and more convinced that God has given just enough evidence that if you want to believe in God you can and if you want to disbelieve in God you can. That way, He sorts through those who want to believe and those who do not. Collin
I listened a YEC who said that if sometime it´s found hundreds of dinosaurs whith human (homo sapiens sapiens)inside their stomachs, the interpretation for a darwinist would be something like: well, it´s a fact that in the future, some engineer will invent "a machine of time", and many men will travel back in time to be eaten while visiting a real jurasic park. creatoblepas

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