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BICEP2: Why it matters if those gravitational waves were just dust

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Further to “Gravitational waves flatten? BICEP2 losing its muscle?”, Scientific American tells us, “Backlash to Big Bang Discovery Gathers Steam”:

If the detection of primordial gravity waves weren’t such an enormous deal in the first place, nobody would be making such a fuss. But the BICEP2 results are crucial to verifying inflation, a cornerstone of modern cosmology. The theory was first proposed back in the early 1980s as a solution to a number of cosmological puzzles. One is the fact that the universe appears the same in all directions even though the opposite sides of the visible cosmos could never, under normal circumstances, have been in contact with one another, even at the very beginning. Another is that the universe appears to be flat—two parallel lines won’t touch even if they traverse the entire cosmos. Inflation explained all of these puzzles by positing an episode of superfast expansion long before the cosmos was a billionth of a billionth of a second old.

At first inflation was purely theoretical (although University of California, Santa Cruz, physicist Joel R. Primack said from the beginning that “no theory as beautiful as this has ever been wrong before”).


Oh oh.

Oh! Oh! Oh!

It’s important to emphasize that nobody is saying that the telescope or the scientific team are anything less than top-notch, or even that the results are necessarily wrong. But there’s widespread agreement that the results have been overstated. “I just think they got excited and overinterpreted their data,” Spergel says. For his part, Bennett says, “I wouldn’t have held a big press conference about it.” More.


No no.

No no no.

Always get your facts straight before you hold a big press conference. Developing. Follow UD News at Twitter!

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So, Mapou, is one of the reasons people have a hard time connecting Gravity to weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, and electromagnetism because Gravity is not reducible to particle radiation like those three? If so, how would the discovery of something like the ‘graviton’ prove?
Well, of course, if gravity traveled at the speed of light like EM waves, it would have to be mediated by some particle. I claim that no such particle will ever be found because gravity is a nonlocal phenomenon resulting from an energy imbalance. It's just nature trying to correct violations in the energy conservation principle. Why such violations occur is a separate subject for another time and place. Look at it this way. Physicists do not even understand simple inertial motion. Is it any wonder they don't understand gravity? Ask any physicist, what causes a particle in inertial motion to remain in motion? And you'll come face to face with abject ignorance and even outright superstition. Mapou
@Mapou So, Mapou, is one of the reasons people have a hard time connecting Gravity to weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, and electromagnetism because Gravity is not reducible to particle radiation like those three? If so, how would the discovery of something like the 'graviton' prove? VunderGuy
@phoodoo Speaking of, how goes OOL scenarios which like to assume that organisms can be reducible and 'created' by the laws of chemistry alone? VunderGuy
And on top of that, think how ridiculous it is that so many people believe that there are civilizations and people out there somewhere much more advanced than us. They already accept that it took 13.5 billion years to get to anything close to us, they already accept that at any given time a natural event could wipe out any living things on any planet in the universe, and still somehow they believe that evolution could have happened, even much faster than that which we already supposedly observe-and that evolution inevitably leads to intelligence, EVEN THOUGH evolution is totally undirected and has no direction. But of course it will make people who can build spacecrafts and talk. That is what unguided chaos will always do. I wonder why they don't assume evolution on other planets would lead to slime. or chlorine gas based life which poisons anything near it, and just reproduces like a vapor without a body. phoodoo
The whole thing is one conjecture on top of the other. 1. There was a Big Bang. 2. Space and time and matter were created by the Big Bang. 3. The Big Bang expansion is the reason light from distant stars are red shifted. 4. The Big Bang created the cosmic microwave background (CMB). 5. The Big Bang created gravitational waves. 6. The gravitational waves created ripples in the CMB. 7. The ripples survived for billions and billions of years. None of that nonsense can be falsified. It's just a bunch of chicken feather voodoo physics that those religionists conjured up out of their asteroid orifices. Mapou
Meanwhile Seth Shostak and the director of SETI are telling Congress that there is a virtual 100 percent certainty that there is life on other planets. Shostak is a well known figure in the media and hosts Big Picture Science podcast, which is really just a veil, because its not about science, its about promoting their brand of "skepticism". Everything is presented with their slant about how their version of science is the only correct version, evolution is true and Seth knows it because, well, because he is a skeptic. When people call themselves "skeptics" I think it must be an inside joke, because what they are saying is they possess no ability to be skeptical about anything. All they do is parrot whatever paradigm their little group says is the correct version of truth-evolution is correct, climate change is real, vaccines are safe, gmo is safe, no alternative forms of medicine could ever work, and there is life on other planets that we will find soon. You too can become a skeptic, all you have to do is give up on being skeptical of anything you are told. Skepticism=Stop thinking. phoodoo

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