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Cosmology: Supersymmetry string theorists learning to cope with loss?


Peter Woit, at Not Even Wrong writes about the long wait for more news abut the Higgs boson, noting,

No sign of extra dimensions, SUSY, or other exotics. For more, see Resonaances. SUSY proponents now seem to be somewhere between the first stage of grief (“denial”) and the second (“anger”, see e.g. here) and on their way to the third (Bargaining – “I’ll do anything for a few more years”).

Yeah. But remember, it’s only a theory.

I also loved that heading in Ars Technica: 'Gyres all the way down'. Axel
'Supersymmetry string theorists learning to cope with loss?' That is a truly vicious heading. And very, very funny. 'Yeah. But remember, it’s only a theory.' Isn't that what they claim? Does it really rise to that level? Or would you, on reflection, redefine it as a 'conjecture'? Just asking. My wife has just said, 'They probably watch Star Trek.' Axel

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