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Social justice warriors (SJWs) turn their sights on another evo psych prof


We always thought evolutionary psychology was bunk but we never thought the enraged Woke would start stalking the likes of evolutionary psychologist Sayatoshi Kanezawa the way they have:

More than 4,200 Northwestern University students have signed a petition demanding that administrators ban from campus an evolutionary psychologist whose research they deem “offensive” and “nonsense.”

The petition, “Ban Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa from conducting research at Northwestern,” takes aim at Dr. Kanazawa, a psychologist who researches topics such as sex differences and intelligence. (See his list of published research here).

“Problem: Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa’s request to conduct research on Northwestern’s campus was approved without scrutiny. … [H]is past research … is considered to be offensive,” claims student Deborah Shoola in the petition.

In an interview with PJ Media, Shoola cited articles from as far back as 2010 to prove her claims. These include one on terrorism, titled “What’s Wrong with Muslims?,” and “Are All Women Essentially Prostitutes?,” which concludes that “women are not inferior versions of men.”Toni Airaksinen, “Students Petition to Ban ‘Offensive’ Evolutionary Psychologist” at PJ Media

It actually doesn’t matter what Kanazawa concludes. You can’t reason with a pack. Having been taught from childhood that humans are animals, the SJWs have become a pack. For technical reasons, that is easier than becoming a hive.

We thought Darwin’s Magic Dust prevented this sort of thing. But we were wrong. We were not taking into account the fact that, in practice, most Darwinians probably enable it, making certain that it will eventually be directed against them, if only after all other easy targets are exhausted.

Mind you, Kanazawa lives dangerously. When he got dumped as a columnist at Psychology Today for Incorrectness, Andrew Ferguson wrote at Commentary,

Now, a few characteristics immediately leap out at any reader unlucky enough to happen upon Kanazawa’s piece. First among them is this: It is the work of a man unconstrained by prudence of any kind—intellectual, moral, social. There is the grandiosity, his unexamined confidence that the truths of human behavior can be captured in numbers and under controlled conditions. And there is the obvious methodological flaw: He uses subjective rankings by anonymous questioners of unidentified research subjects as a proxy for large, objective facts about entire classes of people. More. (2014)

All which said, Kanazawa was unfortunate enough to attract the attention of the enraged campus Woke. Apparently, he is going back to Japan soon, where they may have culturally polite way of addressing odd ideas that don’t involve bellowing, trampling, or motor vehicle arson.

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About the facts of life, Darwinian Jerry Coyne is still being stubborn … Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry “Why Evolution Is True” Coyne continues to refuse to follow Nature down the primrose path of political correctness and is doubling down on what people used to be allowed to accept as biological fact (Coyne was president of an evolution society which has started to wobble on whether sexes are real divisions.)

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Darwinsim owes its dominance in academia to politics and not to scientific merit. It should therefore not surprise any of us when an ideology that employs politics to the exclusion of scientific merit comes along and does to Darwinism what Darwinism did to others. Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword, and all that. EvilSnack

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