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Cosmology: “The latest Higgs non-news is that there is news about when there will be news.”


At Not Even Wrong, Peter Woit captures the actual mood prevailing in cosmology (as opposed to the hype promoted by pop science mags:

The latest Higgs non-news is that there is news about when there will be news. The Scientific Policy Committee at CERN will meet on December 12 and 13, with the agenda for December 13 featuring a 15 min presentation by the CERN Director-General on “CERN plans for communications on the Higgs boson search at the LHC” in the morning. This will be followed in the afternoon by a public event including half-hour updates on the SM Higgs searches from each of the experiments, and a “joint public discussion” about what it all means.

Sounds a bit like Mark Steyn, doesn’t he, but absurdity provokes such responses …

We found it quite significant that, arguing for the multiverse despite everything, New Scientist’s editors tell us that

If our universe is just one of many, that solves the “fine-tuning” problem at a stroke: we find ourselves in a universe whose laws are compatible with life because it couldn’t be any other way. And that would just be the start of a multiverse-fuelled knowledge revolution.

In a multiverse, the “knowledge revolution” is that everything is true somewhere, except for the idea that the multiverse is false.

All this without any serious evidence, too … It’s clearly a cultural phenomenon, but what is its next stage?

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In the multiverse, Betamax beat VHS, Darwin was a Creationist, and there really is a bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you. APM
Here is the relevant paper that Dr. Ross referenced at the 31 minute mark::
Earth’s earliest non-marine eukaryotes - April 2011 Excerpt: They offer direct evidence of eukaryotes living in freshwater aquatic and subaerially exposed habitats during the Proterozoic era. The apparent dominance of eukaryotes in non-marine settings by 1?Gyr ago indicates that eukaryotic evolution on land may have commenced far earlier than previously thought. http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v473/n7348/full/nature09943.html
Semi OT:
Science and Scripture: Enemies or Allies? - Hugh Ross - video (recorded October 2011) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX6ryCArkRk

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