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Could we be living in a 0-D universe?

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A single point. With no dimensions at all?

File:A small cup of coffee.JPG Further to: Could we be living in a 1-D universe?, Peter Zoeller-Greer writes again from Germany to point out,

If you observe the 1D-universe over time, then we may live in a 0-D universe: Every bit of the transmission has just no dimension at all (every bit is just 0 or 1). So we may be just a bunch of zeros (and sometimes ones). Brave new universe, just a point in time.

Rats. If he’s right, we’ll never get a good cup of coffee in this town again.

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3 Replies to “Could we be living in a 0-D universe?

  1. 1
    ppolish says:

    I could entertain the idea that consciousness is zero-D. Or our very Souls are Zero-D. D’s are for the materialist gang anyway.

  2. 2
    anthropic says:

    If dimensions are for the materialist gang, why did Jesus return with a material, dimensional body? Note that I’m not saying the resurrected Christ was ONLY material, and ONLY dimensional…but pretty clearly He was AT LEAST material and dimensional.

    And since we’ll have bodies like Him one day…

  3. 3
    ppolish says:

    Jesus was the Material Part of the Trinity. Needed to be material to save us. He is now beyond existence sitting at the Right Hand. Holy Spirit still hangs out though. Zero-D Holy Spirit?

    Trinity is essential.

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