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From one of the official science blogs … the physics of nothing


This entire Universe came from one form of nothing, this entire Universe will eventually return to a slightly different form of nothing, and despite the paradoxical nature of this, here it all is.

Out of this void comes everything, and you’re it.

And you pay, probably, for nothing.

Yes. Nice. tgpeeler
Essence is in potentiality, to the act of being* and therefore without the bestowal of being* the essence would not exist. For the same reason NO substance can actualize itself; for in order to bestow being* on itself, it would have to be already actual. Therefore, a pure potentiality cannot* actualize itself, but requires some external cause*. It is, therefore necessary, that there must exist* a First Uncaused Cause of being. This must be a being* that is NOT* composed of essence and existence, and, hence requires no sustaining cause. Therefore, we must logically conclude that this being's essence just IS* existence, it IS* the pure act of being*, unconstrained by any essence. Zoe
Nothing * Infinity = Infinothing snelldl
How many forms of nothingness are there? Mung

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