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TV hair models are most important science news source?

ABC Science

From Darren Osborne , we learn that a survey of 1250 Australians by the national nuclear assocation found that

More than three quarters of Australians believe microscopic life has been found on other planets and almost half believe humans can be frozen and thawed back to life, despite neither being true.

– “Sci-fi blurring science fact with fiction,” (ABC News, 15 August 2011)

But Aussies are not as gullible as some:

And while many of us might dream of being able to travel through time, more than 90 per cent of survey respondents correctly identified it as still being in the realm of science fiction. A similar survey in Birmingham, United Kingdom, found 30 per cent of respondents thought time travel was possible.

The takeaway point is that, when Aussies were asked where they got their science information, it was from

television news stories, compared to 6 per cent sourced from science magazines and 3 per cent from science centres.

So the  hair model wins hands down over the earnest museum docent. The hair model “knows”  Darwinism is true because it’s what In people think, and thus needs no indoctrination by the Darwin lobby. Saves trouble.


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