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Gravitational wave finding contested [= trashed]

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To nobody’s surprise, if they have been following the story, further to previous info, now in Nature, :

The astronomers who earlier this year announced that they had evidence of primordial gravitational waves jumped the gun, two independent analyses suggest.

The papers, published on the arXiv preprint repository, propose that the original analysis did not properly account for the confounding effects of galactic dust. Although further observations may yet confirm the findings, independent researchers now say they no longer think that the original data constituted significant evidence.

G’bye multiverse. Missed ya. (Oh wait, we could have both missed ya and not. Maybe better not.)

On the other hand, no wait, the idea itself is immortal. See The Science Fictions series at your fingertips (cosmology).

Would this be happening if people didn’t think something was going to happen that wasn’t really going to happen?

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